Sunday, August 2, 2015

Do Blue Lives Matter?

A lot of talk recently about how Black Lives Matter and the recent rash of officer involved shootings, several resulting in the deaths of innocent black lives at the hands (or firearms) of white police officers. Criminal offenses, yes...especially in South Carolina and more recently at the University of Cincinnati...the black community is angry and rightfully so...whether these recent shootings are becoming more frequent (as I believe) or receiving additional scrutiny from our glorious media is beside the point. Something has to be done...

We've heard a lot of talk about body cameras (a good idea) and additional training (of course) as well as further oversight by the US Department of Justice (certainly)...all these have been utilized to a certain extent and most would agree the problem is getting worse. As always, MediaCopp has the answer...just as I did with the housing bubble (and burst) and the Wall Street banking debacle. Yes, my suggestions were ignored or implemented too late to actually provide necessary assistance.

What's the answer? Well, as drastic as it sounds, it is the only thing that will work in the short term. During recent discussions, I've found that...not too many people like my "eventually" solutions. So, here it goes...what we need to enact a law where you can not be a police officer if you are a white male...simple as that...I've always believed we needed to diversify our law enforcement ranks, however now I see that's not enough. I believe we need, at the very least, all positions (especially of higher authority but also at the street level) in police agencies be made up exclusively of minority individuals, be they black, Hispanic or even Asian. Sorry, white immigrants from eastern bloc countries or elsewhere, I realize it's not your fault, but a line has to be drawn somewhere...

Discriminatory, you say? No, white males can still be in support positions...NO ONE need lose their job...and of course, white females can still hold front line positions. But in the United States today, appearances matter...almost more than integrity...and if it takes the grandiose gesture of eliminating all white male cops from the streets to demonstrate we are serious about unwarranted police violence against unarmed black males, I say we need to try it.

Many believe stricter gun control and possibly disarming (most) police officers as done in the United Kingdom are the way to go...a quality idea for sure, however neither...or even both together...would have the needed immediate effect than simply removing the problem (white male cops) from the streets. Another group of naysayers complain that this will not solve the problem because the current group (blacks, Hispanics, Asians) would soon align accordingly much as our society (almost) demands today. But I say "blue" is stronger than race...especially if it's not watered down with the "old boys network."

So, yes, Black Lives Matter...and certainly, blue lives matter...and this is the best way to make sure both equally they should...

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