Wednesday, January 13, 2016

State of the Disunion

Call me a problem solver...a helper, if you will...that's really it, I just want to help. I watched the president's final State of the Union address and listened to him highlight his achievements...and then the Republican response, from a governor from South Carolina, discounting those achievements...and one theme...ONLY one...jumped out at me. The divisiveness in our country is stronger than ever, the gap between the right (or people mostly concerned with individual freedom, liberty, opportunity, etc.) and the left (or people conversely concerned mostly with collective freedom, equality of outcomes, peace through compromise) had widened considerably, despite assurances from our leaders of late that we would be seeking common ground above all else.

That did not happen...and as I said, we are more divided then ever and, in turn, weaker and more easily compromised by ne'er-do-wells then ever...but I have a solution. As I told you above, I am a problem solver. What I believe we as a society need to the most amicable way to file for divorce. Yes, I believe at this stage, it's too late for a trial separation and we should for the "good of the children (i.e. future generations)," simply file the paperwork and begin to divide assets (or in this case, liabilities). It's really that simple.

Actually, there should be plenty to go the president stated last night, we are still the most powerful nation on the face of the earth...and it's "not even close." Ergo, there should be plenty for all. We simply need to find the fairest way to ensure that both groups are allowed access to similar (or as equal as possible) resources. Sure, it would be impossible for the shares to be exact, but I believe exceptions could be made...for instance, the right could exchange, some, self defense resources in exchange for, say, several entertainment entities. In other words, folks on the right may be more inclined to place security above something like, maybe, music concerts...and conversely, the left might be averse to the notion that they would even need security, but would be more inclined to provide their citizens a variety of entertainment options.

For instance, many conservatives might have participated in and appreciated a cultural experience like "Burning Man," a annual festival in the Nevada Black Rock desert, described as an experiment in community and art, influenced by self reliance and self expression, community cooperation, and "radical" inclusion. They may want to continue to attend these yearly "conferences," despite the possibility (okay, probability) that "Burning Man," would be one of the divided properties secured by the left. In exchange for this consideration, the right might provide an equal number of police officers or active duty military personnel in order for several of their members to enjoy the festival.

Another example of cooperation might be those liberals who enjoy hunting and fishing. In exchange for members being allowed onto BCLM land, perhaps there could be members from the right allowed to use BLLM land located on either coast for sea side vacations or maybe surfing and skin diving, or perhaps just beach combing. Or maybe conservative members may want to partake of the medicinal benefits of marijuana and they would be allowed...wait, what am I saying? The cannabis clubs would have to be split down the middle...hey, maybe there's still hope...

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