Thursday, May 27, 2010

Tower of Power was wrong!?!?

Mediacopp, before he entered the "real" work force, fancied himself a wannabe deejay, stand-up comedian, political satirist, overall media star...oh, sorry about the third person crap; that's always been so annoying (when people refer to themselves in the third person). Of course, maybe that's preferable to the narcissism inherent in first person (I, me, mine, Obama). But I digress...

Alas, I did fancy myself a rock and roll deejay back in the late 60's/early 70's. I remember listening to the old KJOY-1280 AM in Stockton, CA, back in grade school, even while I was delivering my morning newspaper route. Yeah, I know...what's a newspaper route? But, that's another story...

Like many others, I became a fan of the Bay Area's own, Tower of Power. They were one of the perennial rock groups of the 70's, blending R&B, jazz, funk...and they had a kick-ass horn section which, if I'm not mistaken, is still jamming to this very day. More than 60 musicians have been part of the 40+ year history of Tower of Power, including saxophonist Emilio Castillo, current Saturday Night Live musical director, Lenny Pickett, and Stephen "Doc" Kupka. Man, those guys could, they didn't "blow," they COULD blow...

I was/am a huge fan. As a matter of fact, I traveled to San Francisco, while still in high school, early one morning to be one of the first in line for the band's 1974 album, "Urban Renewal," from whence came their hit single, "Only So Much Oil In The Ground." I can still hear the lyrics, "there is only so much oil in the ground...sooner or later there won't be none around...tell that to your children while you're driving 'round downtown, that there's only so much oil in the ground..."

Well, tell it to the folks on the Louisiana coast, right? Now now, I'm not being's truly a tragedy...tens of thousands of gallons of oil per day, depending on to whom one's listening, lost and/or sent adrift, only to reach marshy shores. A true disaster. Even IF one is a conspiracy know the type...the fact that the "explosion" happened on April 20 (Can you say Columbine? Sure...), that "it" occurred on Earth Day (Algore, can you hear me?), or even the right wingers gleefully pronouncing this "Obama's Katrina." I mean, that's weak...

But, let's talk reality. It's a tragedy. I mean, 11 people lost their lives...and at least 17 others were injured...and for what? So they can "drill" for oil a FRIGGIN' MILE BENEATH THE OCEAN? I mean, get a clue. And NO, I'm not saying we should stop drilling...but please, let's get sensible about it. Stop the madness!!!

Ever hear of slant drilling...what about Anwar? Ain't nuthin' up there...but no...we're such idiots. We're going to "do the right thing," and put a six month moratorium on new drilling or (even) exploration. What??!!?? NO, there will STILL be drilling...even by us...but ESPECIALLY by China, Russia, hell, even Vietnam is drilling in the gulf. Hello??!! It's INTERNATIONAL-friggin' waters. When will we get a clue? And our nation's leaders too...hell, we'd be better off if Tower of Power would just sing, "There's only so many Squib Cakes in the Ground."

Friday, May 21, 2010

Go Wolverines!!!

This week, the blog MUST take a back the 2010 High School CIF Sac-Joaquin Section Softball Championships, more specifically Division II at the Sacramento Softball Complex (Watt Ave. and I-80). The Rosemont High School Wolverines (only around since 2004) will enter their third consecutive section playoffs and, hopefully as back-to-back champs of the Metro League, will be able to win their first round game for the SECOND YEAR IN A ROW!

That's right...tonight at 7:00 p.m. the Wolverines face off with Ponderosa High School of Shingle Springs and, since Ponderosa was the team that knocked Rosemont out of the playoffs last year, well, a victory would be extra sweet. A victory tonight (on "Fatal" Friday, or "one and done") will result in entrance to the big weekend tournament, commencing at 3:00 p.m. tomorrow (May22). So, rather than discuss more economic malaise...and/or the usual (political) indifference by our elected officials to the people's (or this blog's) will, I will be spending the remainder of my week involved in the spectacle of youth sports...and I simply could not be prouder of the "BACK-TO-BACK" champion Wolverines...

#1 Simone Heyward
#2 Cecilia Burkholder
#3 Brittney Devito
#4 Angela Santiago
#5 Aaliyah Oliver
#7 Kiersten Jackson
#8 Ashley Spears
#9 Ranaya Baugh
#10 Alesha Ayers
#13 Gennifer Romo
#14 Jennica Berry
#19 Jayla Berger-Gipson
#22 Melissa Mosqueda
#27 Taylor Vinluan
#36 Courtney Copp
Bat Girl Theresa Sabala

Friday, May 14, 2010


I feel like Jerry Seinfeld, returning to stand-up...I mean, come on...who ARRRRRE these people?

* They say the economy is "recovering" nicely, right? The stock market is down, energy prices are up (even without cap and trade), unemployment is up, there is a question as to what, if any, effect has come from the stimuli. So, besides federal (and other represented government) employees, who is actually doing better...newspaper editors?

* Our glorious leaders, in lock-step fashion, are now running to "seek a 'permanent' West Coast drill ban." Excuse me...ever hear of slant drilling? Multi-national (foreign) companies? The ban won't stop drilling; it'll just stop any American from profiting from drilling (don't worry, you still get to pay the clean up spills/ know, we ARE the "quicker picker-upper")...

* Why all the fuss to see who'll lose to Jerry Brown (for California governor)...Meg (don't call me Huffington) Whitman and Insurance Commish Steve Poison-er are both trying so hard to "distance" themselves from Arnold, well, Jerry's now so relaxed, he's even given up the ganja...

* Folks who count EVERY penny of EVERY correctional officers' pay...and EVERY penny of EVERY dollar spent at a correctional institution as the cost for EVERY prisoner or inmate? And...why don't those SAME people count the cost of EVERY single cop and EVERY single judge and EVERY single attorney and EVERY single victim, etc., etc., as the cost of "letting 'em out."

* Closer to home, with Sheriff John McGuinness retiring, three candidates to become "the new Sheriff in town," include Captains Jim Cooper and Scott Jones...and former deputy Bret Daniels...if we (voters) don't elect Cooper, something is SERIOUSLY WRONG with us...I mean, come on, Jones is a lawyer (what, the State Assembly's not good enough for you Scott?)...

* Closer still, the Armstrong and Getty Radio program (Talk 650, KSTE-AM) continue to provide this blog with fodder...Jack and Joe were pining (whining) this morning that, "hey, we don't live in Sacramento County, so we're not really following the (Sheriff's) race." Oh please! Seriously? Tell me you're you convincing called Captain Jones, "Bret Jones." Really?

* Lastly, yes Jack...YOU...YOU...Jack Armstrong...are now MediaCopp's new number one altar, when you get that high pitched, quasi-indignant, holier-than-thou, nasally voice revved up...well, t'ain't nothin' better...yeah, you'll keep me in line...

Thursday, May 6, 2010


Deja vu, all over again? Seems like just yesterday at a speech by Senator John Kerry, University of Florida police officers used a taser to subdue an "unruly" questioner, a 21 year old graduate student, Andrew Meyer...from whence came the infamous quote, "Don't tase me, bro!" Just this past week though, a 17 year old Philly (fanatic?) at Citizens Bank Park was tased by a police officer after he stupidly ran out onto the field. In both cases, the usual suspects (who protest ANY sort of police brutality) remained silent...hmm...

Oh the latest incident, there were a few columnists who questioned the propriety of "shocking" a 17 year old kid...when in all actuality, he could have been easily corralled with anything less than a Keystone Kops-style pursuit. But for the most part, the talking heads at ESPN and other sports outlets weren't the slightest bit hesitant in their unending praise for the way "authorities" handled this extreme danger to public safety. Same with the national media.

Perfect...I believe this melding of sports and politics...not to mention sports commentary and political punditry...segues nicely into the Arizona story and the debate which focuses on the new immigration statute recently signed into law by the governor and how this law is racist in both intent and implementation...even though it has yet to be enacted...and it's actually similar to CURRENT federal law...but why let a few facts ruin a good argument, right?

Even the NBA has gotten into the act. That's right, Arizona's entry in the NBA Western Conference semi-finals, the Phoenix Suns, in a show of solidarity and (they say) respect to Mexican Americans, decided to wear jerseys which were changed to read, "Los Suns," rather than "The Suns." Now, let's put aside for a moment that the word "sun," actually translates to "sol," en Espanol (uh, in Spanish). Now, wouldn't calling themselves "Los" Suns actually be disrespectful? Moving on...

But, while Jesse, and Al...and others...are quick to denounce the "new" Arizona law and (even) offer support for innocuous actions like the "Los Suns" jerseys, they are mum on the tasering of the two individuals mentioned above. Both national and sports media, gaga over the "Los Suns," action, gave little if any notice to the use of excessive force at the Philadelphia Phillies baseball stadium. In fact, on the Dan Patrick Radio Show earlier this week, Dan and the fellas were dismissive of the incident in that, "hey, the kid was trespassing and he got what he deserved."

With that in mind, I have an that should keep both sides (of the immigration debate) completely satisfied. Simply, arm all Border Patrol agents with Tasers and without question, just "tase" anybody crossing the southern border without proper documentation. Whoa! Wait a minute...I'm not being discriminitory. I mean ALL Border Patrol agents, even (especially) along the Canadian border. Geez, I hope they get Steve Nash....go Spurs!!

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