Friday, May 14, 2010


I feel like Jerry Seinfeld, returning to stand-up...I mean, come on...who ARRRRRE these people?

* They say the economy is "recovering" nicely, right? The stock market is down, energy prices are up (even without cap and trade), unemployment is up, there is a question as to what, if any, effect has come from the stimuli. So, besides federal (and other represented government) employees, who is actually doing better...newspaper editors?

* Our glorious leaders, in lock-step fashion, are now running to "seek a 'permanent' West Coast drill ban." Excuse me...ever hear of slant drilling? Multi-national (foreign) companies? The ban won't stop drilling; it'll just stop any American from profiting from drilling (don't worry, you still get to pay the clean up spills/ know, we ARE the "quicker picker-upper")...

* Why all the fuss to see who'll lose to Jerry Brown (for California governor)...Meg (don't call me Huffington) Whitman and Insurance Commish Steve Poison-er are both trying so hard to "distance" themselves from Arnold, well, Jerry's now so relaxed, he's even given up the ganja...

* Folks who count EVERY penny of EVERY correctional officers' pay...and EVERY penny of EVERY dollar spent at a correctional institution as the cost for EVERY prisoner or inmate? And...why don't those SAME people count the cost of EVERY single cop and EVERY single judge and EVERY single attorney and EVERY single victim, etc., etc., as the cost of "letting 'em out."

* Closer to home, with Sheriff John McGuinness retiring, three candidates to become "the new Sheriff in town," include Captains Jim Cooper and Scott Jones...and former deputy Bret Daniels...if we (voters) don't elect Cooper, something is SERIOUSLY WRONG with us...I mean, come on, Jones is a lawyer (what, the State Assembly's not good enough for you Scott?)...

* Closer still, the Armstrong and Getty Radio program (Talk 650, KSTE-AM) continue to provide this blog with fodder...Jack and Joe were pining (whining) this morning that, "hey, we don't live in Sacramento County, so we're not really following the (Sheriff's) race." Oh please! Seriously? Tell me you're you convincing called Captain Jones, "Bret Jones." Really?

* Lastly, yes Jack...YOU...YOU...Jack Armstrong...are now MediaCopp's new number one altar, when you get that high pitched, quasi-indignant, holier-than-thou, nasally voice revved up...well, t'ain't nothin' better...yeah, you'll keep me in line...

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