Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thank you...and good night!

For regular readers of this blog, both of you, I have been a regular critic of the state of California and their inability to embrace the entire other words, while Governor (Jerry) Brown has placed out the welcome mat for the world's disadvantaged or disaffected, he simultaneously tossed aside the core population who've actually made California work.

Granted, these are changing times...we've gone from a production-based society to one that is essentially consumer driven. Even when it comes to Silicon Valley and the tech sector, the collective eye has most definitely been on the consumer...even the product, at least the hardware, is produced in other countries, specifically China, Singapore, and (even) Mexico...

But, have no fear, the agricultural base in California is still strong and produces over half of the food consumed in the US and nearly a quarter of the entire world's food source...but wait a minute, aren't we in the midst of a 30-year "man-made" drought, the result of our polluting the planet ever since the industrial age started? Well, of course "man" has contributed...

Which brings us to Carly Fiorina, the one time failed candidate for California governor (figures) and future contender for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination (fat chance)...Fiorina, ironically (or not)  the one time CEO of Hewlett Packard, based in the Silicon Valley, agrees that the super-drought in California is the result of man's actions, however she attributes it to the environmental activists who have "made a bad situation worse."

According to Fiorina, the "liberal environmentalists have prevented the building of a single new reservoir or a single water conveyance system over decades during which time the population of California has more than doubled." The plain speaking Fiorina (after all she IS a Republican) also cited that due to the lack of proper rainfall storage systems, the vast majority of rainfall, especially in Southern California, goes straight into the Pacific Ocean.

So, what to do, what to do? Seeing that I was more part of the problem than solution (well, at least that's what the media keeps hammering home), I have relocated to fact, after selling our California home and divesting ourselves of most contents, we have now purchased a home here (the Washoe Valley). No, we haven't totally removed ourselves from the drought-affected region of the country, nor will we be able to avoid the increased costs, restrictions, regulations, etc. brought forth by the powers in Sacramento because as the saying goes..."as California goes, so goes the nation."\

But, California, you've managed to do what many, many others have tried (to do) and failed...shown me the door and held it open wide...and it appears I'm not alone...although it's been happening for years (many people here call it the "Gray Train," and no, they're not happy about the arrival of many Californians who attempt to bring the Golden State with them here upon arrival in the Silver State).

But, I'll always have a soft spot for where I grew up (from 3rd grade on)...unfortunately while in CA, the soft spot was on the top of my head and growing, I've always thought I would go home someday (actually, I'm from the state of Washington) and this way, I can go back and forth between Nevada and Washington, depending on how moist I want to be...oh, warming might cause torrential flooding up north...oh well, no matter...the media will still say it's my fault...

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