Friday, March 20, 2015

Eeeeee-ventually? Sure...but first, another award...

All right, all right...I'll get to it...eventually...that is, my post defining the motives behind the Left's full-speed-ahead charge into this warped Capitalism/Socialism hybrid and MediaCopp's prescription for helping each of us survive this imminent (and what I believe to be detrimental) change...but there's too much happening right now. We have the Republican Party's disrespectful end around the President in order to give Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu a political soapbox...and NOW, President Obama's own (I'll show 'em, I show 'em all) speech to the Iranian people.

I know exactly what I would say if Bush (I didn't bring him up, the President himself has blamed Bush for the rise of ISIS)...if Bush did something like this to a Democrat-controlled Congress...I would say, "stop crying and start leading." Of course I can't say that today, lest I be labeled a racist hater. So instead, I will again, tell the GOP to take the high road. If...and that's a big IF...if your way is the correct way, it'll be known (to all) sooner rather than later if...another big IF...if you stop your obstructionist ways. GIVE THE PRESIDENT WHAT HE WANTS!!!

"What the hell are you talking about? He wants to give Iran the bomb! You know, a nuclear bomb...and the Iranians have said more than once they want to fly their flag over the White House." Buck? Is that you? Come on, Mr. Conservative, even you understand hyperbole...the Iranians would be bombed back to the Stone Age if they set off a nuke on ANYONE. We would never allow that to know it, they know it, and the world knows it...

"Yeah, but the president himself said there are factions in each country (US and Iran) who don't want negotiation and would rather have war." Wait a minute, Buck? Wait, Norm, is that you? Norm, you should crawl back in your UC Davis classroom...I don't know about Iran, but I don't think you'd find too many people opting for war over trying to negotiate a good deal, including sanctions, etc., should the Iranians not negotiate in good faith.

"So that's it? That's your brilliant post for the week? Support our president? What are you, some sort of commie-sympathizer?" Norm? Buck? No?'s my old friend Goldberg. I know you believe the President is leaving you hanging out there...but come on, you were born in Queens, not Tel Aviv...our President and newly re-elected PM Netanyahu will find a peaceful two-state solution to end all mid east problems. No, no...don't say it, Goldberg...don't say it...

All right...I will...a Nobel Peace Prize for everyone!

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