Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Maybe never?

This week, we were going to attempt a more upbeat post and articulate our position that everything will be fine...eeeeee-ventually. However, after the less-than-earnest State of the Union address last Tuesday evening, and the resulting (idiotic) responses from the GOP, well, let's just say we are less than optimistic. Certainly, we've been left with more questions than answers. When will we even acknowledge the questions, let alone seek the answers? Maybe never?

One very large question is, how can two points of view regarding one subject (the economy) be so diametrically opposed. Listening to the president, we have turned the corner and all economic indicators are trending upward...conversely, the GOP (response and later commentary) says we have little for which to be hopeful. Of course, it's somewhere in between and we here at MediaCopp try to lean toward the positive, but this week, it's difficult...

How are we going to make (any of) this work? Even on education? We the people don't agree that Community College for all is a right and hell, we can't even agree that it's a good thing. I WAS hoping we'd be able to start there--that it could indeed be a good thing--but the president, as is his right, went straight for the "rights" argument. Of course, he can't be blamed...the Republicans hear any type of proposal from the president and immediately say "no."

So, let me be the arbiter? Let's agree that college is a good thing. Okay? Now, let's also agree that everyone who wants to go to college should be allowed to go to college. Still with me? All right. Next, can we stipulate the poor should be allowed to attend college for free, if they fulfill ALL the requirements? Oops, so we've got a few "Negative Nellie's" out there? Well then, what would it take to get you on board...NOT that we need to do anything since poor people already get free college. A buy-in of some sort? I mean, besides showing up. Mr. President? How 'bout it? Good...

Now, let's move toward the "free college for all" portion of today's game. What would it take for you, Mr. Republican, to agree to this...and how we pay for it? Oh, you don't want to tax the rich, because you say it will trickle down to the middle class...and you also don't want to add to the National Debt to accomplish this. All right then, how about another buy-in, this time a public/private partnership with folks who sign up under the middle class section of the program also commit to employment in the sector to repay the middle class enrollee's "sponsor?" Sound good? Good...

Now isn't that better than being the party of "no?" Or being an out-of-touch, fuzzy math President? What do you mean, "when Hell freezes over?"

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