Monday, January 5, 2015

All right, we're back...

It's been awhile...but I'm back...just like the Aaron Rodgers' State Farm commercial with Hans and know, some bits are just so good, they keep coming back. You know who else is back? Barack Obama! That's right, he's back...and at the top of his know, the game to transform America into his vision of fairness, where "everyone gets a fair shot, and everyone does their fair share, and everyone plays by the same set of rules."

So, how's he doing? Well, he had (HAD) the lowest approval ratings in history and got his head handed to him on a platter during the midterm elections. Then, guess what happened? He ignored the results and is more popular than ever...and the country is more divided than ever...the income gap has widened significantly...the rich are becoming richer than ever...and the masses are being silenced (this time) by tumbling gas prices...

Falling gas prices? C'mon, it's more than, not really...the 80% of the public (not in the stock market) are not experiencing the fluctuations of the Obama recess, er, I mean, recovery...much like the previous decade, decade and a half, when the masses were kept fat and happy by inflated commerce numbers, swelling home prices, and easy access to cash, this time the sheep are now being distracted by fluff like low gas prices and of course, the duplicitous media description of improving economic conditions.

Don't believe me? Please look back at previous posts from this's pretty much gone according to plan. So, please...stay coming issues (Draconian term for posts), we will be offering ways, positive ways, LEGAL ways to wade through and survive the new economy. Yes, the transformation, though far from complete, is well under way...and you need to know how to deal with the changes. If, however, you are one of the people on the forefront of this movement and are happy with the direction of the country (and I KNOW there are a lot of you), this may not be the blog for you...

...and if that's the case, well, you're going to need more help than anything I (or any SNL skit) can provide...

I like your style. No nonsense, get right to it, you seem to let folks know what you're about, rather than attempted "clever" hidden agenda.

That's something I greatly appreciate. Because I care far less about ideology, versus far more about integrity. "Character before Party." Very very important, & was reminded of this by @wowpopwow on twitter. A gentleman who's become a trusted & respected friend.

You've got yourself a new reader & follower. I may not agree, which doesn't matter anyway - for in the process, I look forward to other points of view. A good way to learn, IMO.

Thank you,
jay . . . on twitter @BermanJ1 - infrequently on dailykos or Thepoliticus as "Jays Jewels"
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