Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The most difficult post I've ever written...

Well, I told you I would make my mediacopp endorsement for the office of President of the United States. Yes, I'm a little late; however, I wanted to wait until after the debates...NOT because my recommendation has changed, nor did I believe it would change...I simply felt it more appropriate to wait. So, let's begin...

Just for background...my first presidential election was 1976, the year after I turned 18. Back then, of course, I was a registered Democrat...I say of course because only rich people were Republicans. Well, rich people and parents...and I was a National Lampoon (well, okay, Mad magazine) reading, wanna-be stand up comic, who fashioned himself the epitome of non-conformism. But something happened on the way to the ballot box. Jimmy Carter.

Yep, Jimmy from Plains, Georgia...I couldn't believe we as a country were actually "going there." So, against what I thought were my best liberal intentions, I pulled the lever for Gerald Ford. Sure, I was a little skittish at first. I mean, he pardoned Nixon...the most evil politician of all time...so I thought. But, I soon got a "real taste" of liberalism and yeah, it tasted kind of like chicken, albeit doused in peanut butter.

Then, after dropping out of college, I entered the working world for a few years. OMG! Are you kidding me? Between the shock of paying bills AND taxes...and watching government give things to people who not only weren't asking for anything...but didn't appreciate it once they got it, well, I soon decided to "get in the other line." You know, the "receiving" line...student loans, grants, etc, etc..

Returning to college, I soon returned to my "non-conformist roots." Only this time, I registered as a Republican more or less as a protest against my fellow students (and most professors). Also, I fell in with a like minded crowd...students who had returned to college after stints in the working world or the military...and we mocked the "kids" who knew not what they professed.

Yeah, I voted for Reagan twice...and I voted for George H.W. Bush...until he broke his pledge (i.e. "read my lips")...yep, I was one of those responsible for sticking us with the "wienie wagger" for eight years. I voted for the bug-eyed, big eared Ross Perot, but not so much as a protest vote, more because Dana Carvey did a mean impersonation...and I thought it would be fun...

Some fun...the "wienie wagger," beget an even dumber Texan...and the Texan ("W") brought us what we have today...and my recommendation is...to give him four more years. WHAT!?!? Come on, think about it...what is our choice? Mitt Romney or Barack Obama...the GOP candidate (remember how bad the last one was) or a Democrat who has made most of us, me included, long for Bill Clinton.

Why? Even though the country is definitely on the wrong trajectory...and responsibility (in both people and behavior) is becoming increasingly irrelevant, to the detriment of all, I believe changing administrations at this point would be disastrous. The Democrats, as I've always stated, would rather be "right" than prosperous...they will do ANYTHING to be right...as evidenced by what they did to "W" during the early part of this century. I don't see Romney as being any better at dissuading the Demo(lition) machine.

"But, but, but...Obama? He'll ruin the country!"  No, this country is stronger than any one person or ideology...although any more Obama Supreme Court appointees might push us past that point. So, what the heck...vote for Barack Obama...but pray for the health of (Supreme Court Justice) Anthony Kennedy...

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