Saturday, April 7, 2012

You miss April Fool's? There's always April 15th...

Another "shocker" in the local newspaper...or what I often refer to as CREEP, for those of you into movie trivia...and there it was, in the Sacramento Bee, emblazoned across the front page, "Tax gap leaves massive hole." No, really...and get this, the tag line read, "Deficit would vanish if individuals, businesses paid all that they owed." What?!?!

Yep, in their zest and zeal to pull another "90's fast one," the "creeps" at the Bee have ramped up their stance that we don't have a spending problem or even a revenue problem...we simply have a "fairness" problem. Well, I know it's sort of late to say, "I told you so," but if you refer back to previous editions of mediacopp.blogspot, you will find my slant on the "Hope and Change," mantra of our president and how I was waiting for them to add a third piece to the triad...that is, "fairness."

Now that our president's divisive attempt to "humanize" the class envy debate (re: Occupy Wall Street) has thus far failed to gain real traction, he has been forced to return to the tried and true "War on Women," and "Evil Rich Republicans," with the media "creeps" on board. For those of you still wondering (or if you haven't ever seen or read, "All the President's Men"), CREEP is the acronym for "Committee to Re-Elect the President." And before you say it...i.e. that the Bee's story is about "state taxes," and the President is a federal office, well, get a clue...

Need more proof...well, the pages...and newscasts...and updates...continue to trumpet how "all is moving in the right direction," and if you read no further (which they are counting on), you might mistakenly believe this to be true. For instance, just look at another story on the lower part of the Bee's front page and there it is, "As prices climb at pump, motorists mostly shrug." Again, what?!?! Really, do you know anyone, ANYONE, who is "shrugging off" high gas prices?

So, what am I saying? All is lost, right? Hardly...the top story tells you all you need to know about handling the bottom story. The "tax gap," is because you aren't playing're hiding're not "going to work," when you could be "going to work," because you're greedy...and you don't want to share. You are bad, bad people...and it's no ones fault but your own. All is not lost, though...the media will give you a long as you keep or allow them to say you are keeping the grumbling (about gas prices) to a minimum...and sure, many WILL keep their grumbling to a minimum...but they'll also keep their reportable income to a minimum...

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