Tuesday, February 21, 2012

SSI'll see you later!!!

Soon...very soon...there will be a huge, HUGE decision to make...many of us (like those of us who live in the Soviet Republic of California) won't have much say in the decision. The "monumental" election will have long been decided before reaching our "true blue" state. But, not to worry...as MediaCopp will be spending the next 7-9 months researching the best ways to "improvise, adapt, and overcome," despite the outcome.

"What the hell?" What are you talking about?" Well, Jack...if you must know...our country believe it or not, is going through a transformation of sorts, a metamorphosis if you will. We HAVE truly become an entitlement society...and no, I'm not spouting the same old tired GOP talking points that 47% pay no federal income tax...forgetting that those same 47% need to vote for someone...and alienating them doesn't help. But what can WE (middle income taxpayers) do to make this "new" system work for us?

It's like my oldest child was telling me the other day..."we aren't the same as your generation," and to paraphrase, he continued adding that "we" don't want to work at jobs we hate for 20 or 30 years just to discover we have no money and our house is worth less than we paid for it." Very astute (not one of his strong points, by the way). Yet, I remember saying much the same thing at his age...I called it, "The Regular Syndrome." Yes, six simple phases...born, get educated, work 20 or 30 years, retire, play golf, and die.

According to the New York Post in a story dated Feb 18, 2012, "Jobless disability claims soar to record $200B as of January." One theory, re: increase, is that "standing too many months in the unemployment line is driving Americans crazy - literally." It was reported, as "their" 99 weeks of unemployment payments run out, many folks are now filing claims for mental illness and other disabilities with Social Security. Nice...

Granted, the recent surge reflected on 5.3% of those ages 25-64...only up from 4.5% a year earlier, but if you look at the numbers (and dollar signs), THAT is quite a lot. Plus, it's never mentioned, when the "falling" unemployment numbers are released. They simply say people stopped looking for work, or people are underemployed, or not collecting for the first time, blah, blah, blah. Never, NEVER do they mention those going on to some other form of government assistance, be it SSI, or Social Security Disability (there IS a difference), or state/local "relief," or student loans/grants, or those working "under the table." When there is a pervasive shift, like to an entitlement society, well, those numbers are often discounted...until it's too late.

That's why I'm here...I'll guide you through this maze, this liberal labyrinth if you will...many of us saw this coming...and have taken steps to ease the blow...to our undervalued homes, and our dwindling paychecks, and our increasing debt. True, much of it is timing...and luck...I myself have been very fortunate...I had the opportunity to retire...and start collecting "free" money (well, that's what the taxpayers of California call it)...and work "under the table" at charity bingo and for my daughter's school(s) athletic programs...all legal under IRS code 501c3. No matter what, though, I will NOT increase my taxable income...I mean, why?

So, in the coming weeks and months, I will attempt to assist each and every concerned (and exasperated) taxpayer, to reduce their "contributions" to (what many are calling) a society gone wrong AND at the same time, increase the opportunities for "rides on the gravy train." OWS (Occupy Wall Street...in case you've forgotten), talks about the 99%. Hell, I just want to be part of the 5.3 percent...now if I can just get the mental health diagnosis for my "Regular Syndrome," well, that SSI check will be in the mail...

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