Saturday, February 11, 2012

It's MediaCopp, new and improved!!!

Well, it's almost time!!! Yes, time for MediaCopp to expand...we not only offer contemporary critique of today's media elite, but NOW we believe it is time to widen our scope of services, so to speak. Why the sudden urge to jump back into the fray?

Yes, I admit it...around January 2009, it appeared time to retire...with the direction the country looked to be headed...well, let's just say, it did not seem like the term "hard work is its own reward," would ever again be part of the common vernacular...and I appear thus far to be right!

No, no gloating here...I had hoped I was wrong...and I still hope I am. But looks to me like the writing is on the wall...I mean, with more than two years of unemployment compensation staring us all in the face...the expanded food stamp roles...easy (well, easier) access to SSI disability, not to mention the non-stop bail outs...

"Hey man, that's just for Wall Street man...the banks and mortgage companies are getting rich...not the folks who really need help." WRONG, O'Reilly breath...sure, many are "profiting," and needlessly so...the one TRUE factor in ALL OF that irresponsible folks can find help EVERYWHERE, but the truly (and I mean, truly) responsible continue to take it in the shorts, even more so...

For instance, just the other day...another Obama administration victory and now the 5 largest banks will have to "return" $25 billion to distressed homeowners and ex-homeowners who were needlessly (well, unrighteous-ly) foreclosed upon...that's right, $25 BILLION!!! All you need is to have "suffered" a short sale...or a foreclosure...or be behind (delinquent) in your mortgage payments...and BINGO! You get relief! Geez, I hope they take care of Ron Artest (a NBA basketball player who walked out on his Sacramento County home after being traded to Los Angeles). I know he's suffering...but if you've been paying every month, on time...well, NOTHING FOR YOU!!!

Speaking of bingo, THAT'S what I've been doing since January '09...that, and working for 501 c3 (non-profit) organizations...well, "volunteering," actually, not working...doing this, and being "paid" through the non-profit is what a number of people do...even AFTER they are through actually participating (or like me, have a child participating) in the non-profit's activity...for instance local sports, churches, colleges, etc. who attain this (nonprofit) status...

Unfortunately, the incentive to "work," has eluded my grasp...but I won't continue doing bingo, etc, unless it's totally legal (I'm stupid that way); however, I'm afraid a significant number of others, don't share this view. Yep, between the unemployment, enhanced welfare benefits, easy access to disability, bankruptcy, home bail outs, et al, well, the "underground" economy appears to be flourishing. Being paid in cash or gratuities is fast becoming more the norm than the exception.

"Man, what is your problem? Can't you see people are suffering?" Yes I can...and no, I'm not (suffering, that is). But my ability to help others is greatly diminished by an overreaching federal government, determined to become "Mary Poppins to us all." Oh, my expanded service? I'll get to that next time...

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