Friday, November 19, 2010

Post election hangover?

* The demise of Prop 21, the $18 per vehicle fee, in exchange for free (yeah, right) entrance to California State Parks. Duuuuuuh, the pro-Prop 21 television spots' number one reason for passing this haphazard proposition was that "our state parks are revenue producers (they MAKE money)." Uh, then why do you need $18 bucks per vehicle?

* New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd, lamented her (not as intelligent?) brother for his conservative views. She mentioned his glee in seeing the "semi-chastened" (what?) Barack Obama's appearance at a press conference following the election...when Obama "conjured up images of the curtain opening in 'The Wizard of Oz'." Hey, she's been reading my blog.

* Here in California, there is still no winner (or loser) in the State Attorney General's race. L.A. District Attorney Steve Cooley and his S.F. counterpart, Kamala Harris, are still neck and neck in this hotly contested race. All right, so I guess I'll have to call it. I'll be the same as always...keep counting votes until the Dem wins...hmmm, Kamala Franken?

* One of the main reasons (and I guess we should be happy about this) for the people refusing to "talk to Meg (Whitman)," was undocumented "maid" Nicky Diaz Santillan's timely request for a few thousand dollars in back pay. Election over...Whitman, will Nicky be deported? No, but please,(is there) any possibility of sending Gloria Allred in her place?

* One of the "winners" in this month's elections would have to be Charles Rangel of New York. He easily won re-election (to his 20th two year term) in the House of Representatives. Uh-oh, just in time for a symbolic tongue lashing for (found true) 11 counts of "crimes," uh I'm sorry, ethics' violations, including tax fraud. A censure? Slap? Hey, you or I would be in prison...

* We here in California believe in progressive ideals. We look forward. We don't want to return to days of yore...what is this, the olden days? So, with that in mind...our new governor? Drum roll please...Jerry Brown, he of perpetual frugality and austerity. But, why are there no media types commenting on his "no new taxes (ideas) pledge? Beats me...

* Speaking of protests, students at UC San Francisco are angrily demonstrating the Regents who are once again raising tuition fees for all students. In a related story, the State Supreme Court ruled that children of illegal immigrants do not have to pay out of state tuition. Not a peep from the students. Fair it's obvious that it's not about the money...just so we're clear...

* Still vying for the spotlight, former President Bill Clinton shot a cameo for the sequel to "The Hangover." Despite a number of complaints from cast members, the cameo was shot while the president was in Thailand to speak at a "green energy" conference. Really? Oh, and no truth to the rumor that sequel star Bradley Cooper is allergic to Cubans (cigars)...

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