Friday, November 5, 2010

It was a huge, HUGE, victory!!!

Sorry Bill...sorry Glenn...sorry, so sorry John, Mitch, Rand...the "landslide" in Tuesday's election looked more like mud pies. Of course, the GOP and their minions remain clueless...and that's just sad. But it's not as if NOBODY knows. I mean, even the quote-unquote mainstream media knew...and played it up so much so that post-election, no matter what, they'd be able to say, "See? It wasn't that bad...just a few angry voters." But even they don't completely get it.

Yes, the Republicans picked up at least 60 seats in the House...and they pulled out a few governor gigs as well. But, all THAT will do is provide "cover and concealment" for the present that anything that goes wrong in the next two years, well, blame it on Mr. Sunlamp (John Boehner, soon to be speaker) in the House. Luckily, there ARE those who get it. One pundit opined, "How else could you (inferring, anyone) lose to Harry Reid (Senate Majority Leader)," aside from nominating weak candidates? The GOP did...and the pundit is absotively correct...

But, there are "minions" on both sides...MSNBC's lineup can't seem to get on the same page. As mentioned in this blog last week, host Keith Olbermann just last week went on a twenty minute tirade, regarding the inexperienced "whack jobs" put forth as candidates by the Republican party in the 2010 elections. Then, almost simultaneously, co-hostite, Rachel Maddow spent a good portion of her program mocking the GOP party as being the same old tired retreads (even mentioning, of course, George W.)...

But, both mentioned (trumpet sound please) the Tea Party, as being notoriously involved, with Olbermann citing their far, faaaaar out agenda...and Maddow harping on their striking similarity to core Republican values. Both, of course, are wrong. The Tea Party will be no more relevant in the next decade as Ross Perot (former reform party presidential candidate) has been since Dana Carvey of Saturday Night Live stopped doing impressions of him. "Now, now, that's just sad!"

We here in California, though, didn't (as the same pundit maintained) "buck a trend." Granted, we went Democrat all the way. Every executive office went true blue. Sure, a few out there (and by out there, I mean outlying area), legislative seats went red, but the rural areas, those outside the coastal/big city regions have always been in the minority. The urban areas, with former AND future governor Jerry Brown and Kamala Harris (far left DA from San Francisco and the new Attorney General), yes, THAT is California...AND the country. If we'd voted the OTHER way, then perhaps the "buck a trend," analogy would have (some) merit.

Speaking of S.F., yes, a big victory was had by all...and it only took 52 years...from Willie to Will, and Gaylord to Atlee, from Orlando to J.T. and Bobby to Barry...and ALL those who came before them...the 2010 SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS ARE THE WORLD CHAMPIONS!! THAT, my friends, is huge!!

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