Saturday, October 2, 2010

This Blog is...wait for it...CRAP!!!

One hundred and three episodes and what have we got? CRAP! Yep, just telling it like it is, I suppose...but having recently received a rather substantial wake-up call, well, looks like we at MediaCopp need to veer in a different direction. To say I am somewhat of a techno-novice (or would that be tech-no-vice) is an understatement. Again, let me 'splain...

I picked up a copy of our local alternative rag here in Scabraghetto (Sacramento, CA), the Sacto News and Review, a free newspaper distributed each Thursday. I enjoy the (usually) "fun" slant to the articles within, including letters to the editor (where MediaCopp has been featured several times) all the way through the numerous (and I DO mean numerous) advertisements for local cannabis clubs.

At any rate, this week featured the News & Review's annual "Best of Sacramento," edition. Oh sure, the lists are usually the same every know, the artsy, the Bohemian, the Avant-garde, picking up all the ink...but I digress. However, one entry this year (I never noticed it in previous years) was the Readers' Choice Winners, specifically Best Blog. Hmmm, okay...I decided to check out the winners.

OMG! The top three "winners" were great!! The number one blog, "PWeekly," which can be found at was genius. Quite naturally, the second and third place entries, "TwinSoup," at and "Nanny Goats in Panties," another apparent "web site-type blog," found at ... were equally slick and well produced. My blog isn't worthy to be mentioned in the same breath.

So, am I quitting? Hah! I don't know the meaning of the word. No, actually...if not for Merrian-Webster Online, I wouldn't know the meaning...but again, I digress. Actually, I'm going to keep writing, at what pace I'm not sure. What I AM sure of, however, is that this slab (Blog) MUST evolve.

Yes, I'm looking for a who works cheap (read: free)...and certainly I'll begin devoting a good portion of my week to developing online skills in that regard. Plus, much like most Blogs nowadays, I will, I mean produce interactive copy...thus encompassing the best of ALL contributors.

Don't worry...I'll still be, as our Chief Executive has stated...and stated...and stated...the ONE in charge. It will still be MediaCopp...I will continue to call out ALL entities, whether they be faux fair and balanced (FoxNews, MSNBC), faux mainstream (ABC, NBC, CBS) or just faux (The Daily Show with Jon Stewart)...when will this happen? Believe me, it's already started...

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