Saturday, September 18, 2010

Luckiest Man in America

According to news headlines today, the second luckiest man in America is advising President Obama to get out and "take his story to the American voters and make a more rigorous case for what his administration has accomplished and what they plan to do to spur economic development and job growth." That's sage advice...

That's right...Bill Clinton, during an interview with The Huffington Post, offered his analysis on how the administration has "done a better job than what they've got credit for, " but, "they shouldn't ask for credit because people can't give credit if they don't feel better." Sure, many are saying he's simply trying to create divisiveness and open the door for a 2014 Hillary run, but I think the Obama administration should heed the former president's advice.

I'd like to take it a step further however. I say, take Clinton's advice, but don't stop there. Since taking office, the Obama administration has "mostly gotten 'their' way." Sure, you can say the Republicans were being obstructionists, but for the most part, they have simply not had the power to stop anything. Use THAT to your advantage.

Explain how your policies WILL work. Use people like Robert Reich (former Labor Secretary) and Paul Krugman (noted Nobel Prize winning economist) to help voters really, really, REALLY understand your vision of demand side economics. Do not stoop to the old reliable "last eight years," or "previous administration," or worse still, that the fault lies with Mr. Sunlamp, John Boehner (the mostly ineffectual minority leader in the House). The folks will get it...

But, haven't I myself said I didn't feel those demand side/Euro-lite socialism tactics will ever work? Well sure, but what do I know...however, I'm definitely NOT being contradictory as the advice I'm giving is exactly the same as I gave to the other side...the right wingers, the tea party folk, etc. I directed them to make their case directly to the people and not to allow folks like and their ilk to frame the debate.

So, listen to the man...even though he's only the second luckiest, he managed to keep the ship upright during the 90's, even with the government shut downs (which helped actually) and the numerous Republican manufactured scandals. "But, still only second luckiest?" Yep, until Kobe Bryant retires from the Lakers, that is. But then, Phil Jackson could always become head coach of Lebron James and the Miami Heat, in order to buy another NBA (basketball) championship, and continue to be the luckiest man in America!!!


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