Thursday, August 19, 2010


Those corporate fat cats...ALL that is wrong with the country...the very reason we have such a trade imbalance...those "hedgehogs" from Arkansas, none other than behemoth retailer Wal*Mart. According to critics, Wal*Mart ships good paying jobs overseas while paying poverty wages at home, costs taxpayers billions of dollars to subsidize its workers, fights unions, hurts local businesses and is a major contributor to the dismantling of the manufacturing base and the disappearance of the middle class worker in America. True? Yes, yes it is...

I must agree, seriously, that Wal*Mart has done all those things. But, if not Wal*Mart, who? I know, President Obama could appoint another Czar...let's say, a Behemoth Czar? What the heck, there already IS a pay czar who reportedly tells, uh, I'm sorry, advises how much a (private) corporate executive can earn, etc., with very little oversight from anyone. Why not add the word "behemoth" to the title?

You think I'm not being serious? Look, I didn't start this "dumbing" down of our manufacturing base (i.e. the closure, dismantling, destruction, eradication of any "good" jobs in America). But since we've gone down that road...and decided that responsibility, respect, simple concepts such as "right" and "wrong" are becoming increasingly taboo in America today, well, I believe if you (the government) want to assume the responsibility, as Frank Costanza (portrayed by Jerry Stiller) of "Seinfeld" fame would say, "you want (a piece of me), you got it!"

Where have all the good jobs gone? Have they exited courtesy of greedy corporations and their willing accomplices on Capitol Hill, via NAFTA, etc.? Sure...but even IF those jobs HAD stayed, who would be filling them...the folks being educated in American schools, both public and private, even our colleges and trade schools? Hah! Perhaps relaxing our immigration standards (I know, I know, WHAT standards?) and allow more people to come and fill the jobs Americans won't do? I guess that's kind of what we're doing now...and it's NOT working...

It appears, rather than hold ourselves to higher standards...or at least halt the downward slide we are currently experiencing, we're going to expect even LESS of ourselves. I was recently AT a Wal*Mart, now, it was to buy Don Francisco coffee, Meow Mix cat food, and Suave anti-perspirant, ALL products reportedly made in America, AND at a near HALF PRICE savings (over any supermarket chain)...I know, I know, loss ALL STORES!! Anyway, as I was leaving the checkstand, the clerk yelled at me, "hey, you can't leave that cart there!!" Hmm, thank you for shopping at Wal*Mart, my ass."

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