Friday, July 30, 2010

Nobody...NOBODY else is writing this stuff!!!!

Once again, it's up to yours truly to pen what others are thinking. No, not inappropriate thought...heaven knows there's enough of that going around, especially in the halls of Congress. But I'm talking about the November elections. Both sides are lobbing the same "grenades" and making the same assertions. However, BOTH are wrong!

The Democraps are at their fundraising best right now, and are "out earning" the competition (the Republicreeps) by significant amounts. The Dems have raked in big amounts this year, thanks to the fundraiser-in-chief. In fact, they have already spent nearly as much as the entire amount taken in by the Reeps...and the Dems still have a sizable bank even as we get closer to November. Does that mean the Reeps won't reap gains this mid term?

It certainly seems that way. But wait a minute...aren't all the pundits predicting huge gains for the GOP, many even predicting they will retake the House? Yes, the folks are predicting huge gains in both houses...but they are wrong! How can I be so sure? Well, Americans...particularly present day Americans love free stuff...and I don't think we're tired (just yet) of "getting" our fair share of the stimulus.

"What?!?! I'm not that way...and I don't know anyone else who is!!" Oh, hi Jack...well, I guess you'd better extend your circle of "friends," because the majority of Americans still approve of our president...despite all the "impartial" Fox News polls which say otherwise. Plus, those "polls" are easily negated by the non-partisan mainstream media which remains in lock-step fashion with the current administration. In a Detroit speech just the other day, the president reminded folks that he saved over a million jobs with the auto industry bailout...and not a peep...although I think I heard Henry Ford chuckle from the grave.

So, free stuff...and media's a four letter, not Bush (although every time a Dem starts to lose a debate, they immediately reach for "W")...actually, the word is "race." Race still matters...and Americans still don't want to be labeled as "racist." The Reeps still (erroneously) think that we've "transcended" race. Uh, no...we haven' evidenced by media focus on such issues...whether it be Arizona...or Charles Rangel...or Maxine Waters...divide and conquer.

But, here's the main theme...AND what nobody else is saying. Yes, this is "an historic" election, more so than even 1994. We have a clear choice, this time, regarding just where we want this country to go. Do we want to continue to move away from free market, albeit a warped free market economy and continue this slide to a European-lite socialism? Do we want to make a statement one way or the other? But, we're so bi-polar, I doubt any such statement will surface.

Should it? I don't think so. This is NOT 1994. The year is 2010. The chasms are much wider. Are you sure this "new" slide into "warped socialism," won't work? I am...but MANY are not. If the administration is derailed at this early stage (as the Republicreeps are hoping), we will simply be giving them fresh talking points for the next two years. Vote Democrap this's our only hope.

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