Friday, July 9, 2010

Aw light...wuh baaaack!!!

Yes, just as Hans and Franz of Saturday Night Live fame might say..."wuh baaaack." Or Jimmy Fallon (also from SNL), while doing his "deejay" impersonation, "wer baaaaaaaack." Or even, as our illustrious governor might say, "vait huer...all bee baaack." Now, I'm not a "girlie man," I just need to admit that I've come crawling "baaack" to California after 10 great days in Colorado.

It's not so much that the girls (my daughter's softball team) played great, overcoming injuries AND winning the majority of their games, (also) making it to the final weekend. Nor is it that the vast, VAST majority of people there were actually nice...and NOT just because they felt sorry for us being from California...and it wasn't even that on the way back (yes, I drove; the wife and daughter flew), that on the way back, it seemed that people got nastier and nastier the closer I got to California.

Nope, while in Colorado, my stomach felt great. My lungs felt great. My head felt great (well, except for one night at the Una Sombrero across the street from the hotel)...but yes, mood enhanced physical tranquility...what a blessing...however, since returning to California, well, I once again feel like crap. But since I'm a Glasser (William) devotee, more on that later, and believe in PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY, I definitely believe it's my own doing, whether or not this mood/feeling is psycho-somatic or environmentally enhanced.

Still, MediaCopp has (at least) two more years in California...AND even if I'm lucky enough to escape this rapidly-declining state...rapidly declining in that, what, the best we can do is Meg "buy me" Whitman or Jerry "I wish he was still Moonbeam" Brown. Oh man, we are screwed. I only say that because as soon as anyone espouses disappointment, neigh disgust, with the way the state of California handles affairs, they are immediately labeled racist, elitist, sexist, enter your choice of "accepted" stereotype here...

With that said, I will still attempt to help California right their wrongs, even if or when I finally do make my escape. Previously, I have offered my solutions to the state budget crises. I have also offered cogent advice to our leaders, of both government AND media, media in the way they can return to "reporting" rather than "forming" the news.

My next assignment, if I choose to accept it, is to find a solution, an acceptable solution, to California's prison crisis. Everybody, I mean EVERYBODY, is complaining about crime in the state of California. One side complains that we don't do enough for the poor, minority, and/or disenfranchised who unfortunately make up a disproportionate number of those detained in state-run facilities, opting instead to warehouse the vast majority under stringent, draconian sentencing laws...while the other claims we are too soft on crime and those who DO enter the justice system (here) realize what a joke it is...and "know" there's no way we can keep them (all) locked up.

I have a solution. Once again, this solution will address AND solve the problem. With that in mind, agreed, most of those in power will immediately ignore, discount or marginalize my solution because I believe neither side really wants the problem solved. I mean, problem solved is job lost, right? Still, stay that "wer baaaaaaack!!!"

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