Saturday, June 12, 2010

Commitment to Mediocrity

Get used to it...I don't NEED to win everything, you know? Just be in the game, play a good game...and that should be good enough. "What the hell are you friggin' talkin' about?" Oh, hello Jack...thanks for chiming in...for those of you joining us late, "Jack" would be my new alter ego, Jack Armstrong of the award-winning radio program, "The Armstrong and Getty Show." I wasn't sure it was Jack initially...that is, until his voice cracked. Anyway, let me 'splain...

Yes, I decided to join the majority of the world...not the majority of the country, mind you, but the majority of the watching the FIFA World Cup (Soccer for you Yanks who haven't a clue about anything outside your own borders) between England and the USA. Yes, that would be ninety (that's 90) fun-filled minutes (not counting extra time to make up for time outs, etc.) of action. Yes, this is what we've come (to)...but it's not that bad.

Except for a few brief naps, I watched the entire game. I kept wondering throughout, were the Americans playing with fewer players on the appeared the Brits were simply toying with the Yanks. But, you know what? The game ended in a 1-1 tie. Now wait, don't get too excited. Like I said, it appeared England was just going through the motions (oh, I don't know, so as to maintain "Western interest" in the World Cup?).

"Oh, for crying out loud. What is your freakin' problem? It's just a lousy soccer game." Now, now, Jack...look at the bigger picture, just for a moment. Isn't this what we've been searching for? I mean, if we can keep this up...and ALL of us get on board, the world might start to like us again. Being the world's superpower had it's perks, sure, but along with it, came much, MUCH hatred, not to mention responsibility, both dirty words in present day America. Now, if we could all just get along...and tie (be equal)...the world would be a happier place.

The analogy being drawn, Jack (if you must know), is that we've always gotten along well in the soccer world...because we've been mediocre...nothing wrong with that...and I believe, the way to get along well in the real to embrace mediocrity...and we're well on our way...hey, if it's good enough for England...and South Africa...and Greece...well, we're no better, right?

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