Thursday, April 29, 2010

Paul Revere and the Raiders Reunion Tour

That's right...despite the recent passing of guitarist Drake Levin and the previous untimely departures of co-Raiders Mike "Smitty" Smith and Robert "Mooney" White, former Paul Revere and Raiders lead singer Mark Lindsay has announced the reformation of this iconic 60's rock band. Never part of the British Invasion, the Idaho-based Raiders topped the charts with such classic hits as "Indian Reservation (The Lament of the Cherokee Reservation Indian)," "Kicks," and "Hungry."

Why? The Raiders were well regarded in the industry as a "bunch of white-bread kids trying to sound black." Further, the Raiders believe, of all people, they should be the face of the opposition movement...a movement seeking to overturn new Arizona controversial immigration law SB1070. As a matter of fact, MediaCopp has just received confirmation of a 2010 worldwide tour for the Lindsay-led super group. In fact, I've received an advanced copy of Lindsay's solo hit, "Arizona."

We should be like San Francisco

That, or get outta the way

Protesting Governor Jan Brewer

Oh, we're gonna make her pay

We don't believe immigrants are the problem

And the issue isn't black and white

Now all you wanna do is racially profile

Well, brother, get ready to fight

Arizona, ready for Sharpton's boots

Arizona, let's all burn our green cards

My myyyy

Arizona, we'll boycott your friggin' state

Arizona, hey won'tcha go "bleep" off

Mmmm forget all your laws cuz we know better than you, how to protect

Your lives and personal prop-er-tyyyyy

Arizona, what makes you think you're exempt

Arizona, you need to suffer like all the rest


Follow me to the Mexican border

I will be your guide

We will carry the torch like Lady Liberty

But you will be paying the tab

Bring us your poor, your tired, your huddled masses, mmm mmm, yearning to be free

And I will find a place for ev'ry one of you

In the city by the bay-ay-ay

Arizona, forget more Super Bowls

Arizona, take a look at the Third World, my my

Arizona, ready for Sharpton's boot

Arizona, Glenn Beck would be worse

Hey, Arizona, open your windows 'n doors

Arizona, forget your Tea Party protests, my my

Arizona, get off your friggin' wallets

Arizona, hey won'tcha share your shit, my my

Come on, hey, Arizona, take off your pampers now

Yes, just a little taste of what's in store at the reunion tour for Paul Revere and the Raiders. Opening the shows will be Tina Fey and the Waybils, doing their chart topping single, "Sarah Sublime," sung to the tune of the Hall and Oates classic. Also, a Monkees tribute band leads off each evening with former keyboardist for the Raiders, Paul Revere, as their front man (sorry, Benedict Arnold had a previous commitment)...

What a great song!! Too bad nobody reads your crappy blog...DICKHEAD!!!
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