Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's the MEDIA that is RACIST...

I've been trying to figure out their next move...their game, if you will...but, it just seemed all too neat. I mean, health care shot through with barely a whimper. Before that, banking and auto manufacturing (now, energy via EPA, bypassing Congress)...yep, hardly a problem. Oh sure, the right wing media did their best to provide some semblance of token, though inept opposition, but nope...the American people continue to "approve" of our current, albeit incremental slide toward (warped) socialism.

Who am I talking about? Why, the media, of course!! You know, I was a little worried that the media would make a sharp U-turn back to the 90's and we'd begin seeing those "shining happy headlines," telling us all is well. But to date, that hasn't happened. The media continues to act as if their party isn't in charge...and we all know the party to which I refer. At first, it was, "oh well, I'm sure it's simply the media attempting to portray themselves as impartial." But now, it has become is RACISM!!

The media can't stand inclusion...or cooperation...heck, if there isn't controversy, well, they just go ahead and create controversy...and there are many who willingly aid and abet...even USA Today has gotten into the act. The lead editorial on March 31 was "almost gleeful," in tone. The editorial was entitled, "Militia arrests show there's no stereotyping terrorism." The piece went on to document how right wing extremists have turned to "homegrown terrorism" in alarming numbers. Oh, never mind that these groups have ALWAYS existed and WILL ALWAYS exist.

The slant of the editorial was, as stated earlier, almost gleeful in tone. No, not because local law enforcement and even military forces would be doing their job; that is, to go after ALL extremist groups (i.e. terrorists)...and not to now make it "even more O.K." to demonize anyone who might racially profile...BUT to create even MORE dissension and/or divisiveness among the masses. Are there more right wing extremist/militia groups today? Sure...BUT, I submit that far more of these groups are worried about first, second, even fourth amendment rights...than are even slightly concerned with our current president being half Kenyan.

Are there racist groups among them? Sure...there are stupid people EVERYWHERE. As I've always maintained, "stupid" is NOT a minority. But with all the problems facing the country today...and these problems appear to be getting worse with each and every government intervention, I wondered the purpose of such an editorial. But, seeing as the media appears to be carving out a powerful niche in our country's new (warped) form of government, well, I believe it has to be RACISM, pure and simple.

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