Thursday, March 25, 2010

Buuuuuuck!!! You're......Fired!!!

That's right...he's outta here. For those of you unfamiliar, Buck "used to be" my number one alter ego. Yeah, yeah, I know...he was just one of many, but still...he WAS number one. He was the part of my psyche that would call me on my shortcomings, even when they didn't exist. As I told you in an earlier post, he was sort of a cross between John Wayne (former famous movie star) and my ex father-in-law, know, a man of few words, but useful words nonetheless. He quite often, would keep me from sticking my foot in my mouth.

Alas, I had to give him his walking papers. Yep, he let me down. I spent almost an hour and a half writing a "rebuttal" the other night...and it should never have seen the light of day. No, not because it was substandard; more because it caused a certain population considerable distress. Let me 'splain...I have always received numerous "forwarded" e-mails, the majority of them from right wing friends...and for the most part, I read them (if they're not too dumb) and delete. Recently, I have also been receiving "forwards" from several friends on the left.

There's not much difference between the two. You know, it's either Nancy Pelosi on a broom, or George W. Bush falling off a know...lame, but benign. However, one came across my mail box which made a case for prosecuting the aforementioned Bush, not for war crimes (as per the norm), but for premeditated murder. Okay, okay, not a problem...I mean, hang around Dick Cheney long enough and they're bound to "pin" a body or two on ya...

But, several of the folks on the "e-train" responded, one even submitting a monologue about Bob, a clueless American (Republican) who with one hand will use all the services provided by the federal government...and with the other, shake his finger at others who do...and the e-mail pointed out the hypocrisy and, sure, it was funny, rather sublime, and quite thought provoking. The e-mail was well-written and gave clear examples of a guy (Bob) who complained constantly about the government, but took for granted the good things government provides, like clean water, fresh air, inspected food, etc.

So, anyway, I thought I'd join the fray and take things a step further...I changed the main character's name to Myron and his party affiliation to Democrat...I then gave (what I thought were) examples of government incompetence. You know, the usual...bail outs, stimulus bills, even Bush blaming...I tried to show the folly of absolutes on BOTH sides of the aisle...and I also thought I was well short of being mean-spirited. I mean, hey, Buck woulda told me, right?

Wrong! I sent it off...and I received five responses, all indicating that they were sick and tired of all the divisiveness and each one asking to "disembark" from the e-train. Now I KNOW there were folks from both political spectra among the mailing list. However, I don't recall anyone on the right requesting removal...and here I thought the "left" were the tolerant ones...hmm...

Anyway,'re outta was your job to "reel me in," when I climb a little too far out on the limb. But, guess what? I've already found his replacement...and right here in good ol' Sacramento, CA, from where this blog originates. Sorry, I can't introduce him just yet...he might not allow me to send THIS post. Til next time, peace...

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