Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Racism, thy name is "Tea Party"

Yes! Once again, I have been vindicated. MSNBC's Keith Olbermann confirmed it...that is, the "Tea Party" movement is based on fear due to racism...NOT due to a liberal agenda (i.e. higher taxes, bigger and unresponsive government). Nope, according to Olbermann, it IS racism, pure and simple...thanks Keith...

Yours truly, however, was the first to note that one "couldn't be seen," at a Tea Party sponsored event without earning the label of "racist." And now, Olbermann has given credence to my point of view. Yes, I was the one who warned Fox News to STAY AWAY from the Tea Party events, EXCEPT as an impartial observer. Did they listen? No...and now look at 'em...

I was the one who first mentioned the glaring (or rather, the 'blinding") similarities of all the folks attending the Tea Party rallies. Oh sure, Chris Matthews, and other commentators made mention of it; however, they did it to mock rivals at Fox, whereas I was offering constructive advice...advice that the movement should "open their arms, tents, wallets, whatever," in order to diversify their membership. But did THEY listen? No...and now look at 'em...

Oh sure, they remain popular...in their own demographic...but are INSTANTLY marginalized, even vilified in everyday America...and that's a shame. Like I've written previously, I can agree with their premise...limited, RESPONSIBLE government...that is a good thing...but NOT with the way the message has been delivered. When you rip liberals, you KNOW your going to be immediately discounted...

The tea party folks should "make it clear, spell it out, say it again AND again," that you DO NOT begrudge helping people...and YES, say it...again and AGAIN...that you want to help the poor, the disenfranchised, those who have been harmed or held back by both the left AND the right side of our government. Again, why? Why do you need to keep hammering this point home?

Well, Olbermann's rant explains it all...you're racist! If you listen to Rush Limbaugh, or watch Bill O'Reilly, or have EVER voted Republican, you are racist. If you believe in lower taxes, even as a (simple) pervasive argument...you are racist. If you believe in personal responsibility (over collective responsibility), you are racist. You can't help it.

HOWEVER, if you listen to NPR, watch MSNBC, disavow traitors like Ward Connerly, Walter Williams, and Clarence Thomas...well, you're still a racist, but you're Keith Olbermann's kind of racist. Wait a minute...Keith Olbermann? But, HE'S a racist too. Hey Keith, herbal tea okay for you?

Coming Soon: My new book, "Keith Olbermann is a big, fat, Groucho Marx-looking idiot."

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