Sunday, January 17, 2010

Republicans are sooooo stupid!!

Wouldn't that be an oxymoron? Well, it's redundant nonetheless...but yes, they ARE stupid. They STILL think we don't want health care reform, at least the version being fronted by the current crop of Democrats. They are wrong. As I heard a centrist pundit say the other day, "the American people like entitlements." We do...well, at least present day Americans do...

So now, the dwindling Republican voices are saying the Massachusetts's special election to fill Ted Kennedy's Senate seat is crucial to halting the "takeover of one-sixth of the U.S. economy." Yes, they're still throwing out that trite expression. Come on...if we've been taught anything by the new administration, we at least know they're not afraid of electoral threats...I mean, not anymore...

After the Bush-Gore debacle of 2000, (most) Democrats stopped taking for granted the votes of the disenfranchised. Granted, one wonders how they underestimated the masses during the '04 "Kerrymandering," but I digress. Both Democrats and Republicans, however, say that the Massachusetts's race between Attorney General Martha Coakley and state representative Scott Brown is critical. It isn't.

Coakley, the Democrat in the race has said that if she loses, every Democratic seat in the upcoming November elections will be in jeopardy. Brown, the Republican, has a (equally) singular campaign theme--to be the 41st Senate vote, thus allowing his party to filibuster and prevent passage of the Obamacare bill. Both couldn't be more inane, but Brown is wrong...and Coakley is just underestimating the intelligence of Massachusetts voters.

First, Coakley will win the seat...easily. Massachusetts is three to one in Democrat v. Republican voter registration. Second, even IF she was to lose, there is a majority in both houses and (also) in the friggin' country. We want, WE NEED, health care reform. Just like we NEEDED a change from the Bush-Clinton monopoly in the White House, and voted for Hope and Change...we will opt for (this) reform too.

Hey Republicans...what are you worried about? Sounds to me like your afraid it's going to work. If it DOES work, we all win...if it doesn't, you will regain power soon enough. I'm not worried, because past actions have proven you don't have the stomach...i.e. the ability to handle adversity like the Democrats. The Health care bill WILL pass. If it doesn't, you WILL be blamed. If it does, well, we still have hope.

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