Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Year...and a New Plan

So, here it possibilities, new hope, new change...WHAT? Well, I remember asking several months this really where we want to go? I understand...we fired Bush (HE WAS A DISASTER)...and voted for hope and change...and so far, President Obama has performed about as expected. Congress? Well, that's another story. this really where we want to go? Slip-sliding into a warped form of socialism? One need look no further than today's front page of my hometown newspaper, The Sacramento Bee. The top headline..."Hundreds of day care sites close," and down below in a smaller story, "Growing number of food stamp users have no cash income."

Of course, both stories were written from the angle of how unemployment affects everyone and everything...and how the housing bubble caused many to lose their jobs and their homes (and need for day care)...and how the "government" safety net has worked (or hasn't). WHAT? Yes, both stories attempted to present both those viewpoints...did the "government" provide enough? Or not enough? However, never was there anything in EITHER story about possible solutions...or cures...except for more "government." Of course, there was no mention of how many new "government" day care sites were created or saved by the "stimulus."

Again, is that really where we want to go? A warped form of socialism? Yeah, if there truly ARE so many people with zero income, aside from food stamps (and subsidized housing...and "national" health care...and "government" answers) IS socialism, warped though it may be...and I believe ALL sides of our government want us there...

I have a plan. It's simple...but at the same time, it will require considerable courage...well, a lot of courage...and some patience. HOWEVER, it WILL work. Here's all we need to do...beginning this year (or we may have to wait for 2012 to get all on board)...but, beginning TODAY...we simply do not vote for anyone in any legislative body (in the entire country) who has "D" after their name...

Hold on a second...I'm talking about legislative bodies...NOT the executive or judicial branches. Why? Well, because I believe activist Democrats can hurt us significantly more than activist Republicans. Democrats have proven they are masters of sabotage...well, sabotage in order to advance their agenda. Republicans, on the other hand, are inept. They can't hurt us...just look at those inane "Tea Parties."

It WILL don't HAVE to vote for an "R." Heck, voting 'em all out would be a double win...however, at the very least, we need to remove from the American psyche any inkling of voting for a legislator with a "D" after his/her name. Everyone knows Republicans and their big business buddies would thwart any early attempts at eradicating "R" from the legislative lexicon. But if we start with a grass roots effort to eliminate the "D's," the "R's" would follow. It could, would, and WILL work.

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