Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mr. President...here's all you need to do...

On January 27, 2010, the President will give his first State of the Union Address...THIS is a big one...he has a monumental task ahead...and according to preliminary reports, he will call for a three year spending freeze (except for Military Spending, Homeland Security, entitlements like Medicare/Medicaid, Social Security, and "some" foreign aid programs), further recommend additional child care credits and also ask for an expansion of tax credits to match retirement savings, specifically for "middle class workers" only. What?!?!

Oh, yes...and they've already passed "another" jobs bill to the tune of $154 billion...and it's been reported that they will add $1.35 billion on top of that to "improve student test scores." That's right...simply more government money (adding to the deficit) to "nickel and dime," problems which WILL require MORE THAN JUST PHONY MONEY. None of this will work; however all is not lost. Here's all President Obama needs to do:

1.) Freeze all discretionary spending indefinitely (look into non-discretionary as well)...and run, don't walk, but RUN...away from former Clinton Labor Secretary (and current UC Berkeley professor) Robert Reich's suggestion that rather than freeze spending, the country needs a THIRD stimulus. Yeah, he actually recommends that...and TELL the people you are RUNNING AWAY from such an inane suggestion!!!

2.) Contrary to former Secretary Reich's suggestion that people aren't spending because they don't have jobs...and the only way to create jobs, is to fund additional government programs, HE'S WRONG...just tell the people "we (government) will get out of your way." Simply say, "we tried bail outs, stimulus spending, infrastructure building AND for one reason or another (sure, go ahead and blame the Republicans if you'd like), it's NOT WORKING.

3.) Assure us that we (government) WILL NOT saddle you/us with additional debt. Also, all unspent stimulus $$...all REPAID...other funding (like what the banks are "paying back,"...KEEP IT...from THIS DAY FORWARD, we will unleash the American spirit and say "go forth and prosper." WE will get out of your way (the REASON, Secretary Reich, that people aren't spending is because THEY DON'T KNOW their future tax liability)...I don't care if you call it fees/fines/surcharges/tolls/levies/tariffs...whatever you want...BUT THE PEOPLE DON'T KNOW WHAT YOU'RE PLANNING!! Tell them/us that we "WILL KNOW our liability (i.e. what's expected of you/us)."

4.) With that in mind, health care...though not dead, WILL take a back seat to jobs and yes, "it's the economy, stupid!" Say "yes, we WILL work to enact reforms on which we can agree." Perhaps, what has already been bartered with the insurance companies (i.e. no denial for pre-existing conditions, tort reform, the ability to purchase insurance "nationally," rather than regionally); HOWEVER, report there will be NO MASSIVE GOVERNMENT TAKEOVER!!!

5.) Lastly, and most IMPORTANTLY, take SOME RESPONSIBILITY...REMEMBER, the "last eight years" includes one full year of complete Democratic rule...and THREE years of complete legislative rule by the Democrats...and if you must go back and hammer Bush (yes, he's a buffoon AND an easy target), include EVERYBODY in your blanket condemnation, OTHER folks who helped create the sub-prime fiasco, and the dot com bubble, etc., etc., people like Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, the Clinton Administration, even the Carter and Reagan Administrations.

Mr. President...that's all you need to do...make this the "Decade of Responsibility." I'm not asking that you enact more tax cuts...I'm not even asking for you to apologize or do a "mea culpa," for your contribution to the country's problems. You can STILL keep your head high...simply make it CRYSTAL CLEAR that you and your administration will do EVERYTHING in your power to assist, aid, AND fund...those who are...RESPONSIBLE!!! Like how 'bout folks who ARE NOT behind on their mortgage payments...those (of us) who have ALWAYS paid on time...IMMEDIATELY CUT their/our (mortgage) interest rates in HALF!!! That's a good start. But more on that (and the MediaCopp Decade of Responsibility) later...

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