Wednesday, January 13, 2010

If this was Jeopardy, the category would be "potpourri"

* Fox News has lost all semblance of impartiality...they've hired none other than Sarah Palin as a "correspondent"...who's next? The ghost of Ronald Reagan?

* Mark McGuire has come clean (re: his use of steroids)...when will the media step up and come clean about their part in the proliferation of performance enhancing drugs in major league sports?

* So Bill Clinton and Harry Reid have made racially insensitive anyone surprised they receive a pass from the media...right wingers trying to make it an issue are just sad.

* Speaking of right wingers, they whine and snivel that the left in Washington assume that we (the masses) are stupid...hey, we ARE!! Calm "we," I'm going heavy on the "me."

* Not so fast there, Southpaws...all the while we (the masses) are up in arms about terrorists receiving constitutional rights, you try and re-frame the issue as a vast right wing conspiracy.

* That's right...MSNBC spent all their time talking about a fictional story that the Christmas bomber was "overlooked" by disgruntled intelligentsia (read: Bush leftovers)...

* Speaking of a waste of time and money (i.e. criminal trials for terrorists in NY), how stupid is California...ELIMINATE THE WORD "MARRIAGE" FROM GOVERNMENT LANGUAGE!!!

* Prop. 8, which attempts to eliminate gay marriage, is going down one way or appears to be about the "word" just say "marriage" for ANYONE! Case solved!

* Luke Wilson's a nice enough guy...and AT&T probably HAS to counter the negative ads put out by Verizon, but I still miss the AT&T commercials with the hot "rollover minutes" mom...

* Tom Campbell-R (who?) has dropped out of the CA gubernatorial race to concentrate on losing to Babs Boxer-D for US Senate...come on, Boxer could only lose to two people--Arnold or me!!!

* ...and I'm not even that sure about Arnold...

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