Friday, January 29, 2010

Befuddled, Bemused, Bewildered

As a college buddy of mine once surmised before class one morning (after a late night playing "quarters"), "dazed, bewildered, lost in a world without sound." I don't know...that statement was probably taken from some movie or something, but it fits perfectly here. Needless to say, if nothing else, the president's speech was not expected...even by his most ardent supporters...

But after hearing his disciples at MSNBC hardly able to control their glee (or simultaneously, their disdain for "any" Republican response), he must've hit a home run...that is, if you believe that government is the one and only answer to the country's woes. They (the responses) were mostly as expected, but I would like to ask NBC pundit, Chris Matthews, if "it moved" while he was watching the speech...

Needless to say, the president did not come within a country mile of any of the five criteria I outlined in my last post. Oh well, I wasn't all that sure he'd turn his back on what he'd been doing up to now. I mean, the narcissism inherent in most politicians, especially national ones, pretty much prevents any "real" admitting to mistakes or errors in judgment. Mr. Obama, many on the left would say, fessed up quite well. On the contrary, the right-wingers were quick to label any show of contrition as disingenuous.

Where to from here? Well, the president made it pretty clear...what he has been doing IS getting him pretty much what he wants...ergo the message he intends to go forward full speed ahead. Folks on the right (mainly Fox junkies) are aghast...i.e. how, after Virginia, New Jersey, and Massachusetts, could he in good conscience, feel that he's moving in the right direction. They feign indignation that he "hasn't seen the light." If they actually believe that, then they (Republicans) are even more stupid than I thought.

What is even more clear, however, is that THIS (bewilderment, et al) is EXACTLY what the country needs. Do we really want to go down the "government is the answer," route? Or do we want to adopt more individual (and even collective) responsibility as a goal in which to strive? I believe last Wednesday's speech laid it out pretty succinctly. It appears that you/we will more than likely have a clear cut distinction and/or choice in the upcoming 2010 elections. Which way the country votes in November (and it must be "more so," one way or the other, than in the standard mid-term elections)...but yes, which way WE vote in November, will speak volumes as to just where we as a society want to go. THIS is good. Befuddling...but good...

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