Thursday, December 24, 2009

The more things change, the more they stay the same

Woo-hoo!! Health care is now free...every American will now have health coverage!! It's about time...what? It's not? What do you mean, "it's just the Senate vote?" You're kidding...

Reports indicate, however, that under the Senate version, up to 30 million additional Americans will have health care...but wait...weren't previous reports more like 45-48 million uninsured?

How are they proposing to cover the "up to" folks? Oh, expansion of medicaid? States pick up the additional costs? Huh? Individual mandate? What? Oh, unless you're quote-unquote poor...

Oh well, at least there's a public option...and folks can buy into medicare as early as age 55. What? They can't? Those provisions were taken out of the bill?

Okay, okay...but at least we're all agreed on how we get to health care (for all)...what? What do you mean obstructionist Republicans? We were never going to get their votes anyway...

Well, our majority party took care of business, right? Lieberman was kept in line...and Landrieu, and Nelson too...and it only took several hundred million least their states scored...

Boxer and in the (less-than) great state of California...also reaped huge rewards for their support...we's free, right? I DID say it was free...

Anyway, it's a victory, right...WE finally did something...instead of status quo, we are making changes....unless of course, it's more of the same...

I read that even the most watered-down version of health care reform will be significant because there will be a shift from the current model of health insurance companies and doctors profiting off of our sickness to them profiting from us taking responsibility for our own wellness being healthier.
Isn't that the solution to the problem anyway. If we all would eat the foods we know are right for our bodies and get off our lazy asses and live active healthy lives, we wouldn't need health insurance. I personally haven't been to a see a doctor in over ten years and avoid hospitals as much as possible. Instead I run and eat a big organic salad everyday and say fuck you to the doctors and fuck you to the pharma-companies and fuck you to the hospitals. I just hope I don't fall off of a ladder or get struck by lightning then I'm fucked.
...which is why you should be upset that the "powers-that-be" are telling you that you are an IDIOT for taking care of yourself...the irresponsible, more so than yourself, will be reaping the benefits of the "reform."
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