Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Mediocre of MediaCopp, "09"

Sure, I was going to do a Top Ten or "Best of" list...but upon perusing the MediaCopp archives, well, let's just call these the "Mediocre of 09."

1). The Odd Commentators (from April 28)...the sad story of a right wing talk show host (Fox News' Sean Hannity) who let his mouth write checks that his courage (or lack thereof) couldn't cash. A delightful side note, however, his counterpart, left winger Keith Olbermann of MSNBC has boldly announced he "will go to jail," rather than be forced to purchase health care from an insurance company...and well, stay tuned for our next episode live from Leavenworth.

2). The Sarah Chronicles (from November 20)...I wrote this slab of deathless prose after hearing "Hardball" host Chris Matthews of MSNBC, calling out all the "white people" attending those Sarah Palin book signings. Right away, I thought, "not that there's anything wrong with that," (like on Seinfeld)...because Matthews was holding a sort of "round table" discussion...and both he AND his guests were reveling in their, harumph, superiority over those people...much like the mean spirited (though lovable) characters on Seinfeld.

3). No, uh-uh, I wasn't there...not me, no... (from April 17)...okay, I know it was tax time, but why...OH WHY...did the "anti-tax" crowd (of whom I have considerable regard) have to go out and hold these Tea Parties...and why...OH WHY...did the entire Fox News Network (of whom I HAD previously given the benefit of the least over NPR, PBS, and the entire bloc of slanted NBC news programming)...why...OH WHY, did Fox have to seemingly "sanction" this quote-unquote news event. Talk about stupid...well, naive, to be less Seinfeld-ian about it...

4). We're off to see the Wizard (from January 29)...want more political satire? Yes, please...a whole cast of characters from today's headlines discover they're not in D.C. anymore. Dorothy (Hillary Clinton) just wanted to go home...and she meets danger, intrigue, and hilarity (heh-heh, get it?) along the way...

5). Project this!!!! (from May 19)...closer to home, MediaCopp comments on the inane special election held in Californica...the election, I guess, was to help guide our clueless politicians in how to solve our state's budget crisis. What was patently obvious, however...was that THIS time, the big shots in Sacramento (much like D.C.) didn't even attempt to hide their disdain for the voters and that OUR VOTES would REALLY not matter either way...

Okay, that's it for now...stay tuned for MediaCopp 2010...I promise...we're JUST getting started!

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