Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Subsidize this!!!

Many "experts" predict that the cost of the "universal" health care could easily top $1.5, $1.7, or even $2 TRILLION over the next (first) ten years. How does that work? They (politicians and their accomplices in the media) always "say" WHERE the money will come from (higher taxes, savings in Medicare and Medicaid, creating sin taxes, etc,), but they NEVER SAY where the money will "actually" go. Is it a matter of "build it and they will come?" Are they factoring in that even MORE jobs will disappear and even MORE people will need government health care...or what?

I mean, if it's just a matter of covering the uninsured, how could it POSSIBLY cost THAT much? Is it going to be like energy costs here in California, from where this blog originates? Ever hear of LIHEAP? The "Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program," is (ahem) a federal program, actually a consortium of programs, which provides financial assistance to everyone...whether they work or not...as long as they're "poor." No prerequisites, nothing, nada...just expand the cap, right?

But $2 trillion for health care? That is one huge subsidy. Is that money going to go to the "poor" whether they contribute (work) or not...whether they conform to ANY sort of established criteria or not...or whether they smoke or drink...or eat at McDonald's...or Burger King...or not? Will it go to bloated bureaucracy...or HMO (mis)management? Man, that's a lot of scratch...

Many would say the initial outlay is simply to get the program in place and thereafter rein in the ever rising cost of medical care in this country. But have no fear, they say, polls show that "we" are okay with the "rich" paying for this...but as I've said before, the rich will never, never, never, never, pay their fair share of taxes...it will ALWAYS be passed down to us, the ever shrinking middle class (the true meaning of trickle-down economics)...and hey, isn't the infrastructure already in place?

Still, I don't get it...sure, the pieces are in place...even the areas targeted for additional reform have been identified (I could link any number of articles on the subject at this moment). But to me, it doesn't add up? I haven't seen specifics. I've written to President Obama on a number of occasions and yes, on a number of topics, including health care...I have yet to receive a response. However, it sounds to me like, in this case, they're trying to have their cake and eat it too. What's next? Subsidize Betty Crocker?

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