Monday, November 9, 2009

Media? Thy name is IDIOCY!!

Overall...the media are a bunch of cowards...but this IS the good ol' SS of A (Socialist States of America)...don't they realize, the more monolithic they become, the sooner their voice WILL actually be (just) one? I guess not.

What's this with all the, "oh, we're sorry Bluto (excuse the Animal House reference)...but we can't make mention of rooting out Islamic Extremism (PLEASE NOTE THAT I SAID "EXTREMISM") in the US Military...nooo, we need to make sure we remain vigilant for possible unjust assaults on innocent Muslims in the military who might be unfairly targeted." Why? Because...we're a bunch of bigoted, vengeful, sheeple who immediately seek refuge in our God, guns, and religion. Yeah, where have I heard that before?

But HEY, kudos (and I DO mean serious kudos) to AP writers Angela K. Brown and Pamela Hess. Their article was posted on

The article presented simple facts. It did not, as Army Chief of Staff Gen. George Casey did on all the weekend talk shows, simply regurgitate talking points from the PC brass that we (the clueless American masses) need to "cool our heels." Hey, I don't recall our (the masses) putting anyone in a concentration camp. Wasn't that their (media) hero Franklin Delano Roosevelt?

I understand that we need to be smart (whatever that means)...but this seems very insulting. Still, what we need now, I believe, is more reporting like this (attached) AP story and less over-simplification from the mainstream (and cable, and internet, and talk radio, etc) media. Sure, I get it...the last person who called a terrorist a terrorist...was called an idiot (he was, but for other reasons) and drummed out of office...but, come on, have some stones...

Can you imagine if roles were reversed? That is, if the shooter was a "big, dumb, white guy,"
and the victims were innocent Muslim soldiers simply engaged in peaceful observance of their religion? The media would go nuts (as well they should). Well, they should go a little nuts right now...and stop the idiocy!!

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