Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stuck in the middle with you... the act who wrote and performed that song...come on, you've heard it..."Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you." Sure, you've heard it on the local golden oldies radio station...that's right, Stealers Wheel...a blast from the past...where am I going with this?

Well, I sort of feel like Gerry Rafferty (who sings the song)...only I would change the lyrics, Ala Weird Al Yankovic...and offer that there are "hypocrites to the left of me, and hypocrites to the right." But for some reason, I feel kind of alone (in the middle)...

"Again, where the hell you going?"

Oh, hi Buck...I think I've introduced you all to altar ego...the guy who attempts to keep me from straying too far from my thesis. Anyway, yes Buck, I am once again reminded that I am truly in the midst of hypocrites...I mean, with all the "unwarranted" hoopla about talking head Rush Limbo (as Congress person Sheila Lee calls him) trying to buy the St Louis Rams of the National Football League.

Hey, all you right wing, dittoheaded sheeple who are whining about some big name folks bringing into question whether the rotund one should be allowed to become a partial owner of an NFL franchise...STOP guys are always the ones talking about owners being able to do what THEY want with THEIR stuff, right? It's a free country, right?

You can turn it into a "race" thing if you want...being that it's Al and Jesse and the folks raising the questions...BUT HEY, it's true...the bombastic, conservative talk show host has said a lot (and I mean "A LOT") of things throughout the years...things which haven't exactly promoted unity...what did he think was going to happen? Hey, not so fast there, southpaws...I don't recall you being all that upset about the words uttered by Bill Ayers, Van Jones, and Reverend Wright.

So, anyway, I say..."NO," no football for you! (apologies to the Soup Nazi)...the's a "private" corporation, no? I mean, I hope the owners DO go ahead and approve the hopefully, we can then boycott all things ovine...heh-heh, get it? Rams, ovine, oh, never mind! While we're at it, let's boycott the entire NFL...and Fantasy Football too! Man, does Fantasy Football suck or what? Talk about clowns and jokers...

Anyway, sorry about the fragmented column more trivia question...Rafferty, the lead singer of Stealers Wheel had another top ten hit later in the 70' a solo artist...I think the song made it to #2...can you name it? Send your answers to ... winner receives a free regulation one-quarter inch above the scalp haircut. Toodles...

This is CRAP!!
...and if you've bothered to read this far...the answer is, "Baker Street." NOT that anyone tried to answer it...guess I'll give myself the regulation hair cut...
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