Friday, October 9, 2009

Stop blaming the President!!!

Okay, I'm zero for one (0 for 1) with my pick for the 2016 Olympic Host City (I thought that Chicago had it in the bag)...oooh, my bad. But hey, that's all right, because we saw St Louis Cardinal left fielder Matt Holliday, just last night, drop that relatively routine fly ball in the bottom of the ninth inning, thus allowing the, ahem, Los Angeles Dodgers (whom I've picked to win the whole thing) to take a commanding 2-0 lead in their National League Division Series (NLDS). Hey, we can't get 'em all right...

Anyway, the Prez is now one for two (1 for 2) because he lost the Olympics, but picked up the Nobel Peace Prize for his work in trying to mend his predecessor's evil ways (and I'm not just talking Santana). But here's the point...STOP blaming our President, all you right wing wackos, for what I hear you say are his attempts at bringing us to full blown socialism...

Look around you!!! IT'S ALREADY HERE!!! I don't think Obama was in office when the federal government started getting their grimy paws into areas where they didn't belong...heck, last year's "bailout," and all the way back to FDR and even beyond. THEY HAD TO!!!! The American people, and yes that would include me, are becoming increasingly stupid and were it not for the federal government sticking their proverbial noses into the many varied crevices, well, many folks would "wither away on the vine." And we can't have that...or can we?

I've been seeing those commercials on television (yeah, I know...television...what a colossal waste of time, right?)...but all those public service ads, I guess produced by some government agency, where they advise folks (parents) to "talk to their child (baby), because it's a teaching moment." HELLO! Now, we need the feds to tell us to "talk to our kids," while they're young so the children will be more easily able to learn how to, what, be human beings? Oh man...

And don't say it's because they (we) want to "help" people learn the culture, assimilate, etc. I mean, after all, we ARE a melting pot, right? However, these commercials show just your normal everyday yuppie (oops, a passe term)...actually, egad, talking to their child. You've heard them, right? The putz talking to his daughter about know..."can you say," sure...oh, how cute?

What's this have to do with the right wing wackos blaming President Obama for our country's seemingly rapid transformation into a socialist state? He's not the one...he's simply being more honest about it. Look around you people...prices keep going up, but there's no inflation? People keep coming into this country, granted some illegally, but nonetheless, our population continues to increase and yet we are LESS productive?? What are we? Morons? Well yes, I guess we are.

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