Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Racism IS issue #1

Agh! Joe Wilson, Kanye West, Michael Jordan, agh! Uncle! Uncle! Okay, you got me...we ARE a racist nation (actually, I've always believed it though I thought modern racism was just simple human nature, i.e. fear of the unknown, of other cultures, etc.)...I have always tried to look for the best in the majority of people...and give most folks the benefit of the doubt (let's not get into "institutional" racism here)...but now thanks to Maureen Dowd, a writer (and I use the term loosely) for the New York Times AND the epitome of the word "hater"), I now know better.

Her column this morning (I'm sure you can find it) was nothing less than a diatribe against ALL THINGS that disagree with her idea of social engineering. She tosses around labels like they're going out of style...foreigner, socialist, Marxist, racist, Commie, Nazi, even "liar," etc....only she maintains her side does NONE of the name calling. It is all the "other" side. She gets away with it...because of idiots like Wilson, former failed Senator Trent Lott, Dick Cheney, et al. DON'T YOU GUYS GET IT? Race is an issue when THEY want it to be an issue; NOT when YOU want it to be an issue. Unfair, you say?

Too bad. Get over it. I'll once again, go back to my tried and true mantra, IMPROVISE, ADAPT, and OVERCOME. If YOUR way is the best way, it will e-ventually come to fruition. Right now, it's the Dems turn. You HAD eight whole years (well, less when you consider that you almost immediately frittered away your majority in Congress)...and you BLEW it!! IF, as you say, the Obama way will fail...HEY, here's a clue...LET HIM HAVE HIS WAY. You can't stop it anyway. The Dems control everything...it IS their turn. Even if you make a good case, haters like Dowd will ALWAYS re-frame the debate.

HOWEVER, just as Obama and the Democrats, I believe, don't really want to fix health care (it IS all about power)...or the economy...or any other "issue," hey, NEITHER DO YOU!! Psst...have a clue...if it DOES work, we all prosper, we all win, we share the gain...and on the other hand, if it doesn't work, you will have even MORE power...isn't that a WIN-WIN? Geez, get a clue...you RACISTS!!

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