Friday, September 25, 2009


Many folks...okay two, two folks...have come to me and said, "hey, do you like Obama or hate Obama? What is it? Your posts don't make any sense." Okay, they didn't say that last part...but they are confused nonetheless...and NO, I do not either "like"...nor do I hate President Obama. Yes, I voted for him, but that was mostly because I didn't want eight more years of a Clinton or a Bush. Am I afraid of his agenda? Sure, parts...just like I was afraid of parts of Clinton's...or Bush's agenda...I am only here to challenge the media...not take sides...

Another reader told me he thought that I might be leaning toward just becoming another Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh or, egad, Glen Beck (see a theme there?) out there in right wing blogosphere. I answer "hogwash," to that offering. Granted, I DID previously pen that there was no one "relevant" who was hoping that Obama failed...and I still believe that to be true. Yes, there are many hoping he will fail, but I think (and hope) they are just part of the right wing fringe...just as I had previously hoped the Bush detractors were "mostly" from the left wing fringe...I want us ALL to support our president!

But, what's this I hear about Fox news playing a "key role" in the production of those infamous (now) videos of ACORN staffers offering "illegal" help to a couple of conservative wanna-be thespians? Does ANYONE out there think those two were ACTUALLY pimp and whore...I didn't think so. First, the fair and balanced network "holds those tea parties" all over the nation with their "reporters," know, Beck, Hannity, Neil Cavuto, etc. (again, see a theme there?). Now, they (Fox) are complicit in "manufactured" news...just like others whom they've criticized?

I would no more give a pass to MSNBC...or even CNN...if they pulled a stunt like that. WE GET IT, FOX! You don't like past inequities in network and cable news you want to provide, what, equal time, right? However, you are doing EXACTLY what you complain about!! Pointing out hypocrisy (bad behavior) being hypocritical yourselves (more bad behavior). DON'T YOU GET IT!! I guess not...We report, You decide? Crap! Fair and Balanced? Crap! Credibility? Gone!

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