Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bold and Specific?

Dear President Obama,

I've heard the health care reform speech you are giving this evening to a joint session of Congress is supposed to be "bold and specific." I sure hope so. Considering what I've read thus far, however, I fear it will disappoint (the media will love it though). But, I am still on your side Mr. President. I am different from any other (of your) advisers, though, in that I truly believe this is a simple, SIMPLE endeavor.

First, Americans are simple. Yes, we are simple. However, even simple people don't like being told we are simple...or stupid...or dishonest. We don't mind paying our own way, even more (the majority of us); we simply want it fair. Hauling out victim after (anecdotal) victim of the current system to tug at our heart strings will continue to be a waste of time. Calling health insurance companies dishonest...or people who simply disagree with you as being similarly a waste of time.


1. Be honest...people won't mind paying more, if it's FAIR...

2. Call it what it is...single payer? Yes, that works...IF EVERYBODY IS THE SAME...

3. Joe Six Pack, Joe Skid Row, even Joe Blow, go to the SAME Doctor as Joe Biden...

4. Two lines--one for RESPONSIBLE FOLK, one for IRRESPONSIBLE FOLK...

5. The above bifurcated program will have very clear, concise, simple criteria...

6. It's simple...just like school (everyone goes); want more? "Private school!"

7. Don't want public, go private...BUT you still pay (just like school)...

8. Remember...we voted for YOU to lead...not allow Pelosi and Reid to lead...

For more specifics, go to http://www.mediacopp.blogspot. com

Or e-mail me @ or call me @ (916) 712-1063

I look forward to hearing from you.


Richard "Media" Copp

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