Monday, August 10, 2009

What is WRONG with you people?

OMG! I can NOT believe you people. It's like this is the first time liberals have ever acted like liberals...and conservatives likewise acted like conservatives. Geez, the government is getting involved in Health Care reform, or euphemistically stated, Health Insurance reform? Really? Hello? Government ALREADY IS involved in Health Care/Health Insurance. Ever heard of Medicare? Medicaid?

However, BECAUSE of these "bi-polar" factions, our country will again fail to enact anything which remotely resembles fair and equitable health care coverage...but I guess that's the point, right? Well, the left wants to eventually get to a single payer, government-run, "socialized" form of medical care...and conversely the right would prefer that health care remain in the private sector with primary focus being placed on individual responsibility. Both are wrong.

Why? Well, one need look no further than the aforementioned Medicare...or Medicaid...or see why the government option would ultimately fail. Well, that and also lawyers (i.e. politicians) would run everything. Not so fast there, Dr. Kildare, the private sector also fails the smell test...of course because of (the) lawyers...and lobbyists...and drug companies...and yes, also politicians...BUT MAINLY because "individual responsibility" is taboo in the 21st century.

What's the answer? Well, I've already briefly detailed the MediaCopp plan...which would cover every single "responsible" person who wants coverage. But that's not what we're here to talk about this time around. What, I see, as a much larger problem is the non-stop pontificating (whining?) by BOTH sides.

My God...right wing well as Republican politicians are droning on about euthanasia like it's never been discussed before...or covering illegal immigrants (hey, we're paying for them now!!)...while the Democrats are denying they are seeking socialized medicine (when, hey, you ARE...that's the best thing about your program)...even President Obama is playing fast and loose with the politi-speak (i.e. "we're just trying to clean up the mess you guys made during the last eight years," somehow miraculously forgetting about the half century of Democratic congressional rule).

And the duplicitous media is failing to report ANY OF THIS!! Even USA Today is getting into the act...their lead editorial today citing "," a quote-unquote non-partisan think tank operated by University of Pennsylvania School of Communications, not exactly a bastion of conservatism...and overall, the media continue to "ignore" bad deficits/good deficits and/or bad war/good war...when they're basically the SAME DAMN THING!!

Oops, now I'm becoming one of you "people." And yes, I'm back...and glad to be here...more to come...

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