Friday, July 10, 2009

Where's a good socialist when you need one?

Here it is...the MediaCopp Health Plan...this plan covers everyone...EXCEPT the blatantly irresponsible...COLD? HEARTLESS? LACKING IN COMPASSION? No...quite the contrary. Our country's problem is not a "lack of health care," nor is it the "lack of access to health care," nor is it the "affordability of health care." IT IS, as is everything about our culture, a case of the "haves v. the have-nots." The MediaCopp Health Plan tears down those barriers.

You know, I thought Paul Krugman had the answer. Krugman is a columnist with the New York Times...a damn fine columnist...AND a damn good socialist...I think even Karl Marx once said, "oy, he's a good kid...but a little late on the bandwagon." Yes, I know Marx died in 1883 (but he WAS a visionary). Anyway, Krugman wrote recently (this century) that universal health care is within reach. He stated he agrees with "serious health economists" that universal health care will be eminently affordable. But Krugman then goes off task.

Rather than highlight his own Marxist beliefs that capitalism (i.e. private, competitive, etc) is unfair and therefore unworkable in a universal (health care) model, he jumps on the Obama bandwagon (yes, the same "late" one) and talks of the specifics of the HELP plan. HELP is an acronym from the U.S. Senate committee on Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions, but it appears (to me anyway) to be more of a "plea" than anything else.

Anyway, instead of railing against private insurers, Krugman and clan (Senate) disingenuously (I believe) start "talking up" a public-private partnership whereby they could achieve near-universal coverage. What? Near-Universal? Not good enough. My God, you'd have thought Krugman was an "analyst" for Fox News or something. I mean, come on, Krugman's article revealed that insurance companies would be required to offer "everyone" the same coverage and "everyone" (oh, except the poor and near-poor...decided of course by Krugman and Associates) would be "obligated" to purchase insurance...blah, blah, blah, and then, of course, there's the aid of subsidies...blah, firms of 25 or more people...blah, penalties for not providing coverage...blah...

Here's the MediaCopp proposal...single payer...universal coverage for EVERYBODY...however, we're talking cradle to grave...AND we're talking EVERYBODY...Joe Six-pack and Joe Skidrow get in the same line with Joe Biden...yep, the coverage that "the rich" (read "haves") are given is the exact same coverage the "poor" (read "have-nots") will earn...oops, I mean will be given. Sorry, do I have that backwards? Seriously, what could be more fair?

Don't think it'll work? It's where we're headed anyway, so climb aboard and enjoy the ride. Many would say, hey MediaCopp, what about the folks who don't take care of themselves, won't go to their appointments, will ABSOLUTELY refuse to participate in your plan? Ah, ye have little faith...stick the "free" tag on it...and they will come...the responsible people already come (and pay via taxes, employment, etc). We only need to see to it that the irresponsible people come as well.

Just as in the MediaCopp plan for civilization (two lines, one for the "responsible" and one for the "irresponsible"), the MediaCopp Health Plan has bifurcated goals...NOBODY is excluded from the "responsible" simply need to comply with the basic tenets of responsible health maintenance. You don't HAVE to simply get in the "irresponsible" line if you refuse. It's a simple as that. Krugman says it works for France (well, except the "responsible" part) Hey, you know...I might have to move to New York, so I can go to Krugman's doctor...

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