Friday, July 17, 2009

Stay Tuned

Dear Folks,

MediaCopp will be going on vacation soon...well, actually a softball tournament, the Western Nationals in Mt. Vernon, WA, from July 26 through August 2. Then, we'll be scouting post-retirement locations throughout the WA area, yes, getting "as close to Canada," as we can.

Seriously, California (right now) is NO PLACE TO BE...and no, I'm not bailing on the Golden State...actually, I'm from Washington, having been born in Everett, WA, many MANY years ago. I guess you could say I'm going home...yeah, that's it...home...yeah...

I will, of course, be posting from the road and attempt to keep you informed of what's happening in the world of MediaCopp. With all the hoopla over my last HMO post, it's a wonder I have time to post anything this week. Well, I didn't expect to hear from Paul Krugman himself, but...

Upon my return from the great state of Washington (yes, my daughter has three more years of high school here in the hood), I will be continuing my hard hitting political posts, interspersed with slabs of comedy and other bites of deathless prose. Among future topics:

The Cycles of Obama

The Disenfranchised Middle Class

A New Republican Revolution (no, it's not what you think)

MediaCopp takes the stage at Tommy T's

So you want to be a cop(p)...

Why the Media needs to step up and share blame for steroids in baseball

The Nine Deadly Sins

Dueling Impressions

Michael Moore was right!

So please...stay tuned for these and many more snipets of MediaCopp. We're not going anywhere, of that you can be assured.



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