Friday, July 3, 2009

114 down...? more to go...

Well, it's here...tomorrow, 114 of my fellow officers with the Sacramento County Probation Department lose their jobs...and nary a mention in our local newspaper, the Sacramento Bee. Why? Do they care? Does it fit their agenda? Well, I guess they care, right? But, they are VERY, VERY short sighted.

They've been reporting non-stop about firefighters and cops and sheriff's deputies and the effect potential layoffs (yes it's STILL potential...although granted some are scheduled to be terminated on August 1)...of course always with the wry "wink and nod" that the famed "union busting Bee" EXPECTS these officers to share the pain as it were...with of course wage and (certainly) benefit concessions...

Okay, we get it...the Bee wants to incite the "class envy" mentality prevalent in our overall society know, the haves v. the have-nots, the rich v. the poor, the civil servants v. the private sector (yes, I get it...with the increasing irrelevance of newspapers today, they've GOT to do something to try and stay in business) WHY public employees? Envy? Hate?

Okay, we get that too...but could you please FIRST do your friggin' job? I mean, the Warren E. Thornton Youth Center closes...a 110 bed facility that houses what the Bee would call troubled (I call criminally oriented) youth...a last resort for females and a second to last resort for males in a local capacity. I have news for the Bee...the Youth Center boys (ages all the way up to 18) are the VERY SAME "boys" who caused the Bee to rail non-stop for a multi-million dollar fence to be built around the Sacramento County Boys Ranch just a few scant years ago.

Yes, THAT fence...but that's beside the point...the Bee does absolutely zero investigating into what the effect will be to close the Youth Center (AND IT IS CLOSED AT THIS VERY MOMENT)...and all for a paltry $8.9 million...yeah, that's like what? 2 days in Iraq? HEY BARACK? Where's the stimulus money? Schools, Levees, Parks, etc. are literally falling apart...and I've seen and heard ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about all the stimulus $$...

Well, except for (I heard) a couple of young people were hired by Yolo County to do some parks and recreation stuff for local kids (support your local gang banger?)...and of course...the CASH FOR CLUNKERS program...what a complete and utter about a program that's just begging for fraud...oh sure, there are safeguards in place...YEAH, RIGHT...who monitors the program? Some of the "terminated" public servants?

What's the answer? Well, besides what MediaCopp has already outlined NUMEROUS times during past posts, how about we get JUST A WEE BIT CREATIVE? California will very soon (today?) be bombarded with extremely zealous (granted, mourning) fans of a certain pop icon. I'm quite certain Sacramento could find a way, and the Bee could advocate for, a way to turn this into a positive, neigh, a money making opportunity for our residents...come on, it worked when "we" wanted to build a fence...

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