Friday, May 22, 2009

Thank you SACRAMENTO BEE!!!!!

We here at MediaCopp believe in giving credit where credit is due. THEREFORE, good job Sacramento Bee!! Despite the wave of anti-civil servant-tude throughout the capitol region, neigh, the entire state, Measure A (the local measure which adds binding arbitration for Sacramento County probation officers and Sheriff's management)...yes, THAT Measure A...well, it PASSED....despite very little dialogue/promotion EXCEPT for the negative editorial stance of our glorious Bee...

In the exact same election where the citizens resoundingly voted "NO" on anything remotely resembling a tax increase, fee/fund shift, or borrowing, etc. or ANYTHING which could be construed as to even slightly benefit civil servants...well, they (We) STILL voted "Yes" on the measure which grants binding arbitration to my brothers and sisters in local law enforcement. HA!!!

Sure, they'll say it was the anti-management (Board of Supervisors) vote...but NO, I don't think so...I give the anti-Bee contingency far more credit...oh yes, please, PLEASE Bee keeping up the good work!

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