Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I'm getting pretty tired of the non-stop whining coming out of the Republican ranks (both the political and media elite)...GET OVER IT! YOU LOST! Stop putting up roadblock after roadblock in an attempt to "slow down" the Obama Express...hey, WE voted for change...WE wanted change...WE should stop crying now that we're finally getting change...but what can WE do?

Well, when I say "WE," I really mean you right wing whackos out there who spent eight years complaining about all the "Hate Bush" rhetoric from the left...and now that the shoe's on the other foot, you are doing the exact same thing. Oh sure, you're calling it, "political differences," or"ideological perspectives," and such...but no, that's not it...it wasn't when they were "Bush hating," and it isn't now that you're "Obama hating." GET OVER IT!

Improvise, adapt, and overcome...the unofficial Marine Corp motto...it's as simple as that. Simply improvise, adapt, and overcome...I would think that since most of you right wing whacko crowd are pro-war, pro-defense, pro constitution, etc., you would be the "rugged individualists" (that you are)...and find a way to make this work for you.

For instance, Nationalized Health Care...ooh, wah, wah, we're going to have to stand in line for rationed health care...boo hoo...HEY! News Flash! We're standing in line NOW...if President Obama can find a way for US to ALL stand in the same line, well, I'm all for it...

Item #2...Nationalize the Banking system...how scandalous! HEY! News Flash! Ever hear of FDIC, the Federal Reserve, etc., etc. It's ALREADY nationalized...just tell me which line to stand in (so I get in the one that gives rather than takes)...

But the BIG item of the day...and the reason for this blog entry...is the non-stop whining from the right that President Obama is "showing weakness," by going overseas and "shaking hands" with our enemies...never mind that Bush did the same thing when it suited him...HEY! Ever hear of keeping your friends close...and your enemies closer?

Stay tuned for more revelations of political double standards...I have always said, we are a "bi-polar" society...as a matter of fact, I've been writing a book entitled, "The Bi-Polarization of America." Then, the other day, somebody told me that Rush Limbaugh (of all people) used that expression just last week...oh great...another one of my ideas plagiarized...oh well, I won't cry...

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