Friday, April 24, 2009

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Hey, in the interests of brevity (whew, these long winded posts are hard to take), quick kudos to the Sacramento Bee for the "puff" piece on the brave 17 year old Galt High School student who is preparing to go to her prom after undergoing brain surgery less than two months ago.

Seriously, I am thrilled that the Bee did this piece. Usually, the Bee gives us human interest stories of a brave soul who overcame drug addiction or homelessness (neglecting to mention, neigh cowering, from the word "choice") to return and contribute to society (like EVERY ONE OF US)...of course with the assistance of our gallant government.

But this was a good story...except for the Bee tossing in a "Nordstrom" reference (i.e. that the kid is obviously from an affluent family), this is a very good story...please check it out...go to

Conversely, jeers to Congress (what else is new?)...for "backtracking" on the torture issue. Okay...whether you believe it's "coerced interrogation" or "torture," please pick one...and if you DO have a "change of heart," SAY SO!!! Don't be like Nancy Pelosi and feign knowledge of what you now say IS torture.

According to the Washington Post (and I have no reason to believe this and other reports are false), our Speaker was one of the many (MANY) legislative leaders who were briefed on the "specifics" of waterboarding and other "interrogation techniques"...

The CIA reportedly gave key legislative overseers no fewer than 30 private briefings which included demonstrations of waterboarding and "other harsh" interrogation methods...and the good speaker pulls an "Ollie North" and can't recall being briefed? Suuuure...

Not so fast there, guys are fast on Pelosi's heels in your own "runs for cover." Hmmm, maybe we're not only a bi-polor country, but schizophrenic as well...go to... ...from April 24, 2009...

And lastly, oh I'm sorry, I already mentioned Pelosi...

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