Monday, April 6, 2009

Bee Thankful


Yep, once again the Master Prognosticator known as MediaCopp has called it... IHSS ...the In Home Supportive Services program...uh-huh, seems to me, I've been on my perpetual soapbox on this one...i.e. that there has always been rampant fraud in and around this program...and as I've always maintained, the acronym has changed but the song remains the same. In the IHSS case, this acronym gained prominence around the time of the WELFARE REFORM BROUGHT FORTH BY THE (drum roll please) CLINTON ADMINISTRATION (1996).

Remember back when Welfare Reform was all the rage...yes, it happened right around the same time the SSI (ANOTHER ACRONYM?), roles changed in so far as those eligible (for federal disability income) could no longer be classified Substance Abusers, Alcoholics, etc.; rather they must have gained their "disability" via a mental health diagnosis (i.e. depression, anxiety, psychosis, etc.).

So, just as the powers-that-be were re-diagnosing all the "junkies" with conveeeeeeeenient mental disorders, the GA, AFDC, TANF (insert your choice of free money program here) would soon...I BELIEVE IN MANY CASES...morph into IHSS...and I (along with others in the field at the time) could clearly see that those folks ON welfare (many of them), simply went on to "caring for nana," while collecting the same friggin' (welfare) check...

One of the folks (entities) I reminded often was the Sacramento Bee...especially after they ran several editorials commenting on the "noble workers who perform tirelessly, etc., etc. to help keep family members out of more costly group care" Well, I reminded them (AGAIN) how many (NOT ALL, but many) of these "workers" were just "tweaker nephews extorting poor nana for personal gain." Well, naturally...I was ignored...

Fast forward to the Sacramento Bee's lead editorial, dated April 4, 2009..."Another day, a new county crisis," whereby the Bee now references their own "investigative reporting," of the 18 page Grand Jury report alleging Sacramento County IHSS program's lack of "accountability for caregivers and safeguards against fraud." Your welcome...

(Please) don't get me wrong. The Grand Jury report would have happened whether (or not) I reported ANYTHING...HOWEVER, I CALLED IT!! Much like other headlines from today, for instance stories about the call (now) for legalization and taxation of marijuana...and the (new) measure ("proposed" by the Cali Supreme Court) that "might" solve the legal conflict over a gay marriage ban by issuing civil-union licenses to BOTH straight and gay couples...YES, BOTH SUGGESTIONS/RECOMMENDATIONS ARE IN THE MEDIACOPP ARCHIVES!!!

Of course, I'm not saying I'm perfect...I was also the one who said that former San Francisco 49er wide receiver Jerry Rice (back when he was a rookie) would only be a "mediocre" football player...yeah, that Jerry (unarguably the best receiver in professional football history)...oops...

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