Friday, April 3, 2009

And so it begins...

BEGINNING NEXT WEEK...Tuesday AND Friday posts...

But for today...a few random thoughts...

If President Obama is giving a speech in a forest, and there is no teleprompter, does he make a sound?

Does Jay Cutler realize he is an overrated Quarterback?

Does Fox News understand what the words "fair and balanced" actually mean?

If you're at the gym during a morning workout...and you are wearing headphones, can you sing along with the music without anyone else hearing?

You have a bottle of Vicodin and a plate of Fig Newtons...if you give them to Rush Limbaugh, which will he finish first?

...more to come

A few questions Mr Copp. Is Obama's telepromter solar powered or juiced with a REAL long extension cord? Does Cutler realize he went from a TOP TEN NFL OFFENSE to a BOTTOM TEN NFL OFFENSE? And finally, when I go workout, I don't wear headphones, I bring turntables, mixers and giant frickin' woofers. That's how my posse rolls brah. Good to read your words again. Later-----Fender
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