Thursday, January 8, 2009

Another Mea Culpa

Rather than post the "mea culpa" I had planned (this week) or pen my "Wizard of Oz" parody, I thought I'd earn another opportunity to (later) write still "another" mea culpa. What do I have to be sorry for? Well, aside from as Howard Cosell might've said, "telling it like it is," I must offer my contrition to anyone who might be offended by any word or phrase or sentence offered up in any previous (or future) post. I mean, that IS the American way, right? Anyway, because the state of California (from where this blog originates) is still in the midst of attempting to solve a massive budget deficit, I think I need to offer further critique.

"Hell, what'r you whinin' about now?" Hey, that reminds me...I'd like to introduce my readers to Buck, (one of) my alter egos or inner voices who attempt to keep me in line...I mean especially when I start whining...which is often according to the uninformed. It's hard to describe Buck. He's sort of a cross between John Wayne, the aforementioned Cosell, and my ex-father in law, George. You know, starts every sentence with an expletive or declarative and could easily be dismissed as somewhat malevolent, but still offers poignancy rarely seen (in media) these days.

There will be other alter egos popping up now and then...there's Goldberg, my best friend and mentor. He guides me in financial matters and yes, affairs of the heart. Then there's Pam...who keeps me intact socially; that is, so I don't make so many blunders-in-public...and yes, Pam is my wife's name...and I adore my wife...HOWEVER, my wife is only a part of this alter ego (the good part)...the alter ego "Pam" is a compilation of hierarchical figures who have "called me on my stuff" in the past. I will henceforth refer to my wife as my wife; when I use the term "Pam," I'll be referring to the alter ego Pam. And there's Bob, sort of the "id" in my alter ego...but more on that later...

But, getting back to my "whining,"... Buck...I ran across a quote from State Senate Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg, stating to the effect, "IHSS (In-Home Supportive Services), I said, 'We're not doing it' my view, the people who do IHSS work, they're doing God's work,"...this being said in reference to Governor Schwarzenegger's "demand" (yeah, the Scab-ramento Bee actually wrote "demand" rather than "request") to cut non-medical services by In-Home Supportive Services workers.

How does that help? I mean, tossing in the God reference and inferring that the governor was "demanding" rather than "requesting." Will that bring the sides closer together? I don't think so. It is apparent from EVERY report, item, headline, etc. that we are going to take a hit...EVERY ONE OF US. There will be cuts-a-plenty and taxes-a-plenty despite the euphemism (reductions to the left of me, investments to the right) and "they" say no one is exempt. Oh really...

IHSS? Speaking of euphemisms, many of these cases (many...more than one...NOT every case) are simply a "monthly" check sent to a ne'er-do-well, live-in relative (i.e. crankster, basehead, junkie) who will in turn "take care of nana." How is "reforming" via reductions the way we provide assistance to the indigent/elderly against God's will. Should IHSS avoid the sacrifice(s) we ALL are going to have to make? Simply because a politician says it's "God's" work? Provide assistance to folks who need it? Yes! Provide additional $$$ (or even the same amount) without accountability? I think Steinberg would say yes. However, we need to say no...and I know Buck would agree.

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