Thursday, December 4, 2008

Workin' through the lunch hour blues

Here it is, Thursday, already? It's my lunch hour and time to post, eh? Unfortunately, I feel like crap today and I'll probably go home after I finish this...what to do, what to do...I have a lot of topics in mind...for instance, the budget crisis is still alive and well here in Californica. My blog is becoming increasingly popular (thank you both) as I received a newspaper clipping from one of you about a recent (very) large marijuana bust here in the Golden State. I attempted to link it, but being a complete techno-ignoramus, I can only give you the address and hope you can access it from here:

Anyway, the gist of the story is the report last week of approximately 5.2 million pot plants being siezed in a number of California counties during an eradication program operated from July through October...the street value of the contraband was, get this, $15.8 BILLION dollars...yes, THAT'S POTENTIAL TAX REVENUE...speaking of revenue, the automakers are seeking more by way of our tax dollars...what the heck, saddle on up to the trough, right? You know, Michael Moore didn't have it much wrong when he opened his usually errant mouth and wondered aloud why the politocos were all hot and bothered by the auto executives use of private jets, etc. while pleading poverty; HOWEVER, the banking officials (with outstretched hands and arms) weren't offered the same critique. Hmmm, maybe the left leaning, Bush-hating, never met a buffet I couldn't inhale, docu-dramatist DOES have a few good points...

Okay, more points...pointed heads, that is...what's the deal with the re-elected congress person hanging up on President-elect Barack Obama...not once, but twice...because she thought he was a prank call from one of her district's radio stations....ha-ha-ha-ha, yes that Barack is quite a character. Ha-ha-ha-ha, yeah, the congressperson made mention of maybe a "Saturday Night Live" impersonator pulling the prank...hilarious, right?

Which brings me to my next observation...celebrity presidents...we DO like those better...I mean, media-darlings or media-wooches? You make the choice. A darling in the mold of Bill Clinton or a wooch (i.e. schlemiel, doofus, ditz) ala George W. Bush...guess which one Obama's gonna be? And, talk about keeping your friends close and your enemies closer...our President-elect REALLY knows how to be a "uniter, not a divider." Look at his appointments...I mean, the Clintonistas are returning in droves...and the media is lapping it up...but more on that later...

One more side note on the duplicitous media before I close this rendition of deathless prose...did you see the headlines Monday? The media was "all about" reporting a "sharp rebound" from the "meager" 680 point drop in the Dow last Friday (that's nearly TEN percent)...WHAT? Sure, a few bargain hunters bought a few cheap stocks and so the media calls it a "sharp rebound." Yep, get ready for more "shiny, happy headlines." Man, we are in trouble...but more on that later...

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