Friday, December 19, 2008

It's a mad, mad, mad, mad world

The rich will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER pay their fair share of taxes. It simply won't happen. It's not fair. Nobody likes it (not even the "rich"). But it's reality. The fees, fines, tariffs, surcharges, levy's, etc., etc., will always find their way to the ever-shrinking middle class. The "rich" are not shrinking. The "poor" are not shrinking. The middle class is. Why?

Is it the fundamental flaws in the philosophy of capitalism? Or have we so strayed from the basic tenets of capitalism (to quasi-socialism) that we can never go back (to true capitalism). You may be surprised to hear that I think we're headed in the right direction. Huh?

Yes, it's currently unfair...and the only way for it to be "fairer" is for government to provide equalization. That, my friends, is what governance in the 21st century should become...they should be catalysts...catalysts for change...catalysts for "correct" change...the old adage that "life is unfair" need not continue. Rather, we should strive for "Fairness." Hope and change are all well and good, but Fairness (I believe) is where we need to focus.

But who decides what's fair? That's easy...NOT the people who have been deciding up to now. Our new president and his administration have the unique opportunity to add "fairness" to the hope/change agenda they have promised. Sure, many will say they ARE the people who have been deciding up to now. The Clintonistas, the Bushie war-mongers, Lehman Brother/Goldman-Sachs/Citigroup retreads are surrounding (and comprising) the "new" administration. But I disagree.

Have no fear. President-elect Obama has been clear that HE is in charge. All these people will have to answer to HIM. Fairness, especially when it comes to tax policy, will be at the forefront of the Obama administration. The "rich" WILL begin to pay their fair share of taxes. I believe you can count on that. Why am I so sure?

It'll be just like the current controversy in the mainstream press. The controversy regarding Rick Warren, the pastor of the Mega-church in Southern California, and his speaking at the Obama inauguration. Because Pastor Warren was chosen to speak at the inauguration, gay rights groups (and the duplicitous media) have gone BALLISTIC!

That's not surprising. What IS surprising, however, is what they're "ballistic" about. The issue, according to EVERY report I've seen and heard is that Pastor Warren is against gay marriage (yes, a hot bed issue) and should not speak...the news articles, televised/broadcast interviews (EVERY SINGLE ONE), has focused on this specifically...with nary a mention of President-elect Obama's similar views against gay marriage.

There! Right there! When you think about it, using the same logic, the "rich" should be opening their wallets wide. I understand it hasn't happened up to now, but I think you get the idea. This is a new day. Hope. Change. Fairness. Peace.

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